Arthurian Tale: Camelot [148k] [June 09 2023]

Yea Morganas romance is weird because you can express interest early after turning down the marriage and she seems to reciprocate, but then you never get another option again to show interest then she randomly is in love with Accolon. Then you get your second [Court] option many chapters later from the first one after Accolon dies and it doesn’t feel right considering he literally just died and she jumps into the relationship. Feels sorta manipulative on our part and she’s using us as a rebound. Not to mention with the change to save Accolon the only other to romance her is to have her cheat on the man she loves which makes her character look horrible. Also begs the question why we can’t romance her if we go through with the arranged marriage since she now apparently is capable of cheating on Accolon.


Hey hey, we’re stealing her away no cheating

Though I am fine with cheating. Married couples are basically free real estate there.

Scandals are all well and good for Camelot.

Doesn’t that already kinda happen? They were dating and not even knowing how serious it was. And Acc dies “for defiling Morgan” when they didn’t even sleep together.

But yeah currently we looks manipulative and she looks like she just got a trauma rebound.

@Cain_Abel Also speaking of manipulation I feel like we should have an option to leave her opinion on Elaina/Arthur alone, since as I recall it was just choosing to support or rebuke her grudge.

You already can? Suggest she should forgive, suggest she should never forget or say nothing.

Very small update to acknowledge your sword ability if using God mode against Kay during training in Chapter One and a few more descriptions added if you get married.


h sorry as I said I was going off memory for that one :laughing:


I like the game so far, but I must say, only lunete is worthy as LI right now, I’m straight so I don’t know about kay and lancelot, but elaine is too… weird I guess? she’s supposed to be kind and warm but she comes off as rather cold to be honest, I know some people don’t want children, but I do not have to raise one with her necessarily do I? kings in history had been known for having many concubines and children, irl, I myself would have no problems with rising a kid all on my own, so that was a huge no for me right from the start, some of the best moments of my life have been to be able to teach my knowledge and skills to my younger cousins and nephews, and I do want to have a family someday because I can feel the joy that is to see someone learning good things from you and then putting them in practice, you feel a sense of pride when that happens, as for morgana, well, I don’t know many people who would be alright seeing the one they care for/like giving their full, undivided attention to someone else while showing no regard for you whatsoever, unless you get off on emotional masochism or suffer from self confidence problems, then she’s not worth the wait or the time, it’s kinda discouraging to be honest for if someone was interested in any of the first 2 introduced characters then that interest gets crushed extremely quick, for morgana you have to reset and play again, for elaine you can cancel the marriage so I guess that’s alright.


Progress Update:

I’m very happy with the direction that Chapter 4 is taking. In this chapter, players will be able to specialise in a high stat, with Knight being the hardest specialisation to acquire. If you hold a specialisation, it will open up new choices in later interactions and give you more ways to achieve certain goals.

I have also written a section where merchants and ambassadors visit Camelot, you can help Camelot or Carmelide to gain more trade deals. Prior choices will affect the trades and how well it goes in addition to their base alliances to the two kingdoms.

Giving the player even more chances for choice and power, you may be able to take charge of handling the new plague outbreak if you have what it takes. (Married and ask, or high medicine attributes and high relationship, or a specific stat specialisation and high relationship with Arthur/Elaine.)

Overall, it’s going well at the moment, so I will continue to build upon the relationships and delve deeper into the romance.




Oh…things are REALLY starting to get interesting. I look forward to seeing how this comes out and wish you luck at the very least.


Loved the demo. Arthur is really sweet didn’t regret choosing him.


I am writing out my thoughts as I am going through and reading the book, it ended up being rather lengthy so I have put different topics into their own respective detail posts just to keep things a bit cleaner. Overall, I would say I am coming away with a neutral-positive opinion on the work, though specifically what really draws me in / makes me curious for the direction the story will take is the question of if Arthur/Elaine was even truly meant to be heir or if it was fabricated.

Regarding Rejecting the Arranged Marriage in Chapter 1

I really do think an expansion on the scene if you reject to marry Arthur in Chapter 1 would be beneficial. I think the various reason that you have for rejecting the marriage should impact how negatively some people see you calling it off. Like I think just having literally everyone see you in a worse light over it without even taking into account your reason feels… I mean, maybe it’s fitting, but it feels a little unfair.

You were forced into coming in the first place, told you must marry a boy/girl you hardly know and everyone else seems insistent that you should do it without even beginning to consider your own perspective. If everyone actually cares about you not wanting to be forced into the marriage why does everyone actively dislike you calling it off if it’s not something you wanted?

Like, saying you want to call it off because Arthur/Elaine is ugly versus saying you want to call it off because you don’t want to endorse the practice of arranged marriage are two completely different reasons and that reason should weigh into the response. Maybe the choice was there and I missed it, but I think allowing the MC to say they didn’t want the marriage because it was “something my father demanded of me rather than something I wanted for myself.”

Regarding the Alternative Marriage to Anna

I’m writing this while I am reading, I am a little confused… So if you refuse the proposal are you locked out of romancing Arthur/Elaine? I was actually hoping to have my character reject the original proposal, but after they get to know them a bit more they could become interested. However, I am reading that Arthur/Elaine now has someone they are betrothed to?

I guess I assumed Arthur/Elaine wouldn’t immediately move on to the next potential target to wed at the age of 15? It feels a little odd to me, considering I believed the reason the wedding was being pushed to begin with was to solidify the peace between the two countries. However, instead, Arthur/Elaine just goes “well I have to marry someone now so I guess I’ll marry this random lady instead.”

My current impression of Anna is that she is being written to be a fill in rather than an actual character, as I read through the second chapter there is no opportunities to talk to her over Arthur/Elaine speaking for her. She is a mere prop, a stand in for where you should be. I struggle to understand why she is necessary to begin with, over Arthur/Elaine waiting for marriage now that their previous candidate was off the table.

Regarding the Prophecy and Arthur/Elaine's Right to Ascension

Now this is something I just generally have something positive to say. I am really interested in seeing the direction this takes, is Arthur/Elaine really destined to be on the throne or was Merlin merely pulling strings in order to ensure that they would end up on the throne?

Honestly I find this to be one of the more compelling questions in the narrative, and I am hoping that should the truth point towards Arthur/Elaine’s ‘prophecy for greatness and to be king/queen’ being a lie, then you can work through that with them in the future. I’m writing this part way through Chapter 2.


Thank you so much for your thoughts, you make some good points and have given me some ideas for how I could improve chapter one a bit more.

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Do you mind me asking whether Arthur/Elaine’s romance route is hard locked to marrying them at the very beginning of the game when you don’t know who they are?

I mean, considering they are pious… I could understand them not being romanceable if they just marry someone else right away. But I also think the idea of Arthur/Elaine having a pretty unsatisfying marriage and potentially being ‘corrupted’ by the right MC very appealing.


It was originally intended to lock you out, but I now think that I will make it possible for players to romance Arthur/Elaine later in the game.

If you go through that route with Arthur/Elaine like Phenrex suggested, it would be a good way for them to grapple with their choices/moral compass.

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Even more cuckolding. As expected of the Guinevere!

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