Arthurian Tale: Camelot [148k] [April 26 2023]

(In regards to the Arthur and Elaine not wanting kids)

I decided to replay the game and look through the thread. This is honestly the only thing I’ve found that I don’t like about the game. They’re what, 15? I think it’s too early to make that decision and for there to be zero chance for that to change. I don’t mind if having kids isn’t an element of the game, it just seems like a weird character element to have in the game


Fair, but they are the only character with that element.

Ah I should also add that the reason they tell you so soon is so players arn’t disappointed like 4-5 chapters in. I wanted to make sure the player was fully aware before pursuing anything. I realise it could come as quite a surprise otherwise given the setting.


This isn’t necessarily directed at Anna, but the relevant point of what I have to say is based on this specific part of her comment.

This is a personal thing not necessarily about how A/E are in this WIP, but it needs to be said regardless.

I preface my perspective with this acknowledgement; unless stated otherwise, A/E aren’t necessarily aspec, but to suggest that someone “can’t know at such a young age” fully ignores the existence of literal millions of such people out there in the world, particularly those who are aro-ace, but plenty of non aro-ace people definitely know fairly young that they don’t want kids.

I am aspec. Distinctly aro, too. The single most annoying thing I had to deal with growing up is this line exactly; “You never know. Maybe you’ll change your mind at some point.”

Why did I have to be above the age of 25 to have my belief, and my awareness of what I do or don’t want in life questioned constantly by both strangers, and family just because they were older? I knew before age 12 that it was never going to happen because I–with absolute conviction–do not want marriage, or kids. No one has the implicit right to question someone’s thoughts regarding the conception of families. You can be curious, sure. You can personally disagree, but you are not right for having a different view.

The MC is not me, and maybe mine would have differing opinions from me about the matter, but not even one of the MC’s I will create in this story will address A/E’s personal convictions about child rearing as though they have no idea what they’re talking about, or treat them like they’re insane for such a personal choice they make very clear for the MC’s sake.

The author has addressed this issue several times with a great deal of patience, and sensitivity. You are not required to romance A/E if their trait of not wanting kids turns you off to them. A/E are very open about the MC having the freedom to love who MC will because they would rather you be a close friend if your MC can’t find it in them to justify the romantic aspects of being married to someone who doesn’t want to have a family. You might find role-playing as someone not yourself fun if you gave it a chance. I do that plenty when trying a game’s romances, and have fun because it doesn’t have to be me to enjoy playing through the story of an IF.


But she’s also the main romance of the game right?

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Not really. One of five.

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Progress Update:

Merry Christmas!

Got a bit busy leading up to Christmas but this will be the biggest chapter so far, which is quite exciting. Then I will switch to testing/editing and starting on Chapter 4.

I’ve spent some time on making a couple simple dice games this month. They’re nothing amazing but I feel like they make the world feel a little more real and interactive.

I’ve also been working on romance a lot this month. I know that no matter how much I write people will want more haha so I’ve limited myself to three one-on-one events dedicated to each character through either romance or friendship and then several activities which are either group or choice based on who you spend it with.

For example, Lancelot will invite you out three times, but only to the second and third if you have a high enough relationship with him. But you can also attend a knight’s feast with him and/or attend the opera with him to raise your relationship further without requiring any stats.

(There are also some additional romantic/jealousy moments sprinkled throughout.)


Progress Update:

Well damn, Chapter Three is now 47’000+ words. And while I am excited to share it I want to make sure all the scenes are finished first. It is playable in the state it’s in right now, but is missing a few relationship/friendship scenes and the final scene of the chapter.

My current plan is for Chapter Three to be the final public demo chapter before I switch to private beta testing with volunteers from the forum. For now, thank you all very much for your patience and support. :slight_smile:


I was wondering if there was going to be cheats for better stats so then we can do different routes


Most routes are choice-based or have low stat requirements, but once Chapter Three releases you can skip to that chapter and pick your major and minor choices as well as which stats you focused on. In a way, that’s a cheat system that does allow you to pretty much change what’s happened.


Actually thinking about it, if people really want a God mode, that is someone I could implement. If I set every stat at like 10 you should be set for most of the game or have a huge advantage by late-game at the worst. You could still lose scripted competitions early on, like the archery competition, but otherwise it would open up all Wisdom snippets and Diplomatic options.

The only stat I probably won’t boost is medicine since that really is a game-play choice/style and could get complex if you’re a straight up doctor from the start, but the rest I’ll do.


Well, here’s my yes for god mode.


wow mc is a door, cool.

Yes please to god mode

Also would we be able to marry our RO if we didn’t select Arthur/Elaine?


Yes, I plan for that to be possible, it will just be later on since you’re free to have courtships as opposed to a quick arranged marriage.


The thing I really like about god mode in ganes, winning aside, is the fact that I can literally focus on the things or people I wish to focus on, Without having to worry about neglecting other elements. I can for example focus all my effort on my romance without having to fear stat punishments in other areas.


Poll Time!

This is regarding Chapter 2. Did you tell Arthur/Elaine that your father was unlikely to aid them in the war? Or did you knowingly lie, resulting in your father joining the siege?

  • I told the truth. (Peace Path)
  • I lied. (War Path)
  • I tried to lie but got caught.

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And if you tried both, which path did you prefer?

  • The peace path.
  • The war path.

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Progress Update:

The writing for Chapter Three is officially complete, and I have now moved onto the editing and testing phase! It’s a little hard to predict how long this with take but hopefully it will improve the overall quality and even add to the word count as I go along.


Progress Update:

Thanks to everyone who took part in the poll, it’s always very useful!

I don’t want to make a solid promise, but I do believe Chapter Three will be released by the end of next month. It may still have mistakes, since it becomes harder to test the longer the game is. But as with previous chapters, I will wait for feedback then fix and add more to flesh the chapter out if it’s lacking in any areas.

I really am very excited for you guys to check it out and can’t wait to wrap this chapter up!