Arthurian Tale: Camelot [148k] [April 26 2023]

Well, here’s my yes for god mode.


wow mc is a door, cool.

Yes please to god mode

Also would we be able to marry our RO if we didn’t select Arthur/Elaine?


Yes, I plan for that to be possible, it will just be later on since you’re free to have courtships as opposed to a quick arranged marriage.


The thing I really like about god mode in ganes, winning aside, is the fact that I can literally focus on the things or people I wish to focus on, Without having to worry about neglecting other elements. I can for example focus all my effort on my romance without having to fear stat punishments in other areas.


Poll Time!

This is regarding Chapter 2. Did you tell Arthur/Elaine that your father was unlikely to aid them in the war? Or did you knowingly lie, resulting in your father joining the siege?

  • I told the truth. (Peace Path)
  • I lied. (War Path)
  • I tried to lie but got caught.

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And if you tried both, which path did you prefer?

  • The peace path.
  • The war path.

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Progress Update:

The writing for Chapter Three is officially complete, and I have now moved onto the editing and testing phase! It’s a little hard to predict how long this with take but hopefully it will improve the overall quality and even add to the word count as I go along.


Progress Update:

Thanks to everyone who took part in the poll, it’s always very useful!

I don’t want to make a solid promise, but I do believe Chapter Three will be released by the end of next month. It may still have mistakes, since it becomes harder to test the longer the game is. But as with previous chapters, I will wait for feedback then fix and add more to flesh the chapter out if it’s lacking in any areas.

I really am very excited for you guys to check it out and can’t wait to wrap this chapter up!


Chapter 3 Added!

Hey folks!

The latest chapter has now been added, with a feature at the start of the game to skip to Chapter 3 if you’d like. It’s not the final draft, so as always I will hopefully compile some feedback and update the chapter in due time.

Please let me know what you all think!


Lancelot does not want to sleep with my mc…obviously that is not the be and end all I was just kind of surprised considering his reputation haha but I may try romancing Kay in my next playthrough as he is very intriguing.

Also I told them that my father wouldn’t invade and he did and I could only apologise so now they all hate me ffs :rofl:


Just wanna say, thanks for the great chapter, as well as the god mode. I appreciate it.


I choose I married Arthur/Elaine in the skip section but it keeps setting me to unmarried.

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When in the game does this occur?

After I pick married in the skip to chapter 3 feature, the stats page says I’m unmarried and the game acts like I never married them and they’re married to Anna.

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That’s odd, I can’t replicate that, it happens every time or when you select certain choices after that? If anyone else is experiencing this please do let me know.

Ah, never mind, for some reason I wrote the wrong code somewhere. Sending a fix out now.

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Okay, fixed! Thank you very much for letting me know :slight_smile:

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Yea working now!

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Pendragon Rising is quite a fun one. :slight_smile: