Arthurian Tale: Camelot [148k] [April 26 2023]

I swear the IF community alone made me a fan of Arthurian Fantasy

Always glad to see more of them can’t wait to see where this goes


There was a few typos and i literally forgot where they were but the story is something i like!!! praying for the update to be great as well! :))))

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You know, there is something I really like about this game and that is the fact that there is no jumping jack personality nonsense interfering with our freedom of exploration or built. You don’t get penalised for merely saying something nice or brutal to someone, or for being with x instead of y. You have your skills and that’s that. I’ve always been of the belief that you can do a lot more by not drowning a character in unnecessary stats. Anyway, great story and I can’t wait to see more of it.


Progress Update:

Although October has been slower than usual, I have completed a short (11k-ish) game for the Halloween Jam hosted by @poison_mara. Chapter Three will most likely not be completed in November, but I will keep everyone updated.

I am implementing feedback, so please continue to share your thoughts. Please let me know which parts of the game suffer the most from pacing issues. It’s a less daunting task if I start with the most obvious/notable/annoying parts. Thank you all very much for your support so far. :slight_smile:


oh wow, I was surprised at how much much I enjoyed this story! It was quite long for a demo, and left me wanting more. Arthurs akwardness, in fact most of the characters personality are quite different then what most paint them as. Morgana kind and protective of her half brother, Arthur and his shy awkward conversation, merlins less then noble distrust.I also love how you included how same sex or ace people can have children with magic


Just a quick reminder to check out the Halloween game jam entries: Halloween Jam 2022 - #146 by will

Other than that, Arthurian Tale is coming along nicely. Whenever I finish a section, I’m just buzzed to get started on the next. Right now, I’m writing up a scene where you can have fun in the snow with a few characters.


I can see the game is following classical IF formatting (few narrative texts, frequent choices, fast-paced, straight and to-the-point storytelling). I’m enjoying it so far :smile: A break from the text-wall’ed (i don’t even know if that was an actual word) stories here.

Does our choices really makes an impact? You seems familiar, have you any other project? Can you read?

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Sorry for the long response, XD I’ll split it up to make it easier.

Overall: Yes, I certainly want them to have an impact.

Big choices

In short: Yes!

The big choices certainly do, e.g. Marrying Arthur/Elaine or not changes his/her reactions and expectations of you throughout. Not being married allows you to have relationships without fear of having an affair on a monarch and not being officially allied with Camelot. Being married allows you to have an affair and I plan on implementing a light barony management aspect to the married route.

Telling everyone if your father will betray Camelot or not is also another big choice that will have consequences either way. ‘Betraying’ Camelot or lying about your father’s intentions will result in the war branch throughout Chapter 2 and the effects of the war going ahead will change how badly Camelot is affected throughout the later chapters. Telling the truth results in the peace path and will obviously result in less damage to Camelot. It may also open up more subtle ways of betraying Camelot in the future if you didn’t take the most obvious choice in that chapter.

Smaller choices

In short: They change the text and add unique conversations.

Being a vegetarian/drinking/right-handed, are only flavour choices really and might bring in a few unique dialogues with certain characters. There are a couple rarer choices you can make that get remembered just for fun: Mentioning your dislike of violence to A/E, telling Kay you hate fish and later eating fish in front of him, the scars you can obtain etc.

A lot of the choices are to allow the player to react and respond in the way they like, and/or avoid spending time with characters they might not be that interested in talking to. How you speak to characters can change their relationship to you, and your relationship to characters changes their general responses to you if you try to do certain things with them or approach certain topics.

Dialogue choices

In short: Yes, they change their opinions of you and control how much you can influence them.

You need a high enough relationship to access certain scenes, there’s a negotiation-talk scene that can only be done if Kay likes you enough, for example, in the peace branch.

If you marry A/E but never spend any time with them or actively are mean, they will not have a romantic relationship with you, even if you want it. You require a positive relation for the option to not be platonic. You will naturally need high enough relationships with the characters to enter into relationships in general. I plan for relationships to be capable of ending if you’re not fulfilling that character’s individual needs. (They won’t just break up with you out of nowhere, I will include serious talks where a RO’s needs will be made clear when you’re lacking.)

In Chapter 3, which I’m writing now, there’s a fairly important relationship check that could change how a major character views another character for the rest of the game. If you plan on betraying Camelot, having allies will be very important and will impact the endings ideally.

Hmm, I recently took part in the Halloween game jam that I posted above, but other that, this is the first piece of interactive fiction I have ever shared publicly. And yes :slight_smile: I can read lol



One should never apologize for writing a long respond (speaking this as someone that easily create essay to answers a simple question).

Thank you for clearing this up. I just concern at does my choices impact the story and characters’ relationship—or not at all. I’m eager to see those relationship point mechanics being implemented in the future.

Fyooh … what a relief.


Pondering whether it’s worth making a discord server? I know some people might prefer a slightly less public or more convenient place to talk about the game or make suggestions. Feel free to vote :slight_smile:

  • Yes, I’d join it.
  • Wait until after the Chapter 3 release.
  • It’s a bit soon for that.
  • I don’t see the point/don’t use discord.

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I always found it funny how people can register on one site, just to end up on another. Here you have all choice script games and choice script related wips and threads under one roof. I personally would get a headache having to jump back and forth like that and for what? That’s just how I see it at least.


Progress Update:

Lots done this month. I’ve been working on Chapter 3 again and dedicated time to implement a ‘Skip to Chapter 3’ feature for those who want to get straight to the new content. It’s also a great way to test out each romance if you want to. It’s not perfect and is probably unbalanced, but at least for testing it should be useful.

It’s not quite finished yet, but it’s getting closer. Though even when the chapter is finished I usually like to spend some time editing/testing/polishing. Hopefully no one minds the wait too much. :slight_smile:


can we ask her if mc can get child with another woman?i think mc will need heir. that child can be strong contender for throne too.

or mc can have child with another woman without asking her?

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First it was on Tumblr, then you discovered the author has a personal blog that sometimes updated about the wip, soon you found out about the discord server that gave more lore materials you’ve never heard before, then we have extra contents from Patreon which you need to pay in favor getting more of the lore, and now you exhausted to jumping between freakin different platforms to get the new info updates.


I doubt that. Your cousin is your default heir until further notice.

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(In regards to the Arthur and Elaine not wanting kids)

I decided to replay the game and look through the thread. This is honestly the only thing I’ve found that I don’t like about the game. They’re what, 15? I think it’s too early to make that decision and for there to be zero chance for that to change. I don’t mind if having kids isn’t an element of the game, it just seems like a weird character element to have in the game


Fair, but they are the only character with that element.

Ah I should also add that the reason they tell you so soon is so players arn’t disappointed like 4-5 chapters in. I wanted to make sure the player was fully aware before pursuing anything. I realise it could come as quite a surprise otherwise given the setting.


This isn’t necessarily directed at Anna, but the relevant point of what I have to say is based on this specific part of her comment.

This is a personal thing not necessarily about how A/E are in this WIP, but it needs to be said regardless.

I preface my perspective with this acknowledgement; unless stated otherwise, A/E aren’t necessarily aspec, but to suggest that someone “can’t know at such a young age” fully ignores the existence of literal millions of such people out there in the world, particularly those who are aro-ace, but plenty of non aro-ace people definitely know fairly young that they don’t want kids.

I am aspec. Distinctly aro, too. The single most annoying thing I had to deal with growing up is this line exactly; “You never know. Maybe you’ll change your mind at some point.”

Why did I have to be above the age of 25 to have my belief, and my awareness of what I do or don’t want in life questioned constantly by both strangers, and family just because they were older? I knew before age 12 that it was never going to happen because I–with absolute conviction–do not want marriage, or kids. No one has the implicit right to question someone’s thoughts regarding the conception of families. You can be curious, sure. You can personally disagree, but you are not right for having a different view.

The MC is not me, and maybe mine would have differing opinions from me about the matter, but not even one of the MC’s I will create in this story will address A/E’s personal convictions about child rearing as though they have no idea what they’re talking about, or treat them like they’re insane for such a personal choice they make very clear for the MC’s sake.

The author has addressed this issue several times with a great deal of patience, and sensitivity. You are not required to romance A/E if their trait of not wanting kids turns you off to them. A/E are very open about the MC having the freedom to love who MC will because they would rather you be a close friend if your MC can’t find it in them to justify the romantic aspects of being married to someone who doesn’t want to have a family. You might find role-playing as someone not yourself fun if you gave it a chance. I do that plenty when trying a game’s romances, and have fun because it doesn’t have to be me to enjoy playing through the story of an IF.