Art: Feedback


So, after seeing the thread opened by @irule9344 I’ve decided to open a similar thread for myself. Here’s my own artwork:

It’s a little messy. I did all of these sketches today. I don’t always work in ink, but I’ve been in a very ballpoint pen mood recently. :slight_smile: I can color and do pencil work. I can also do work on the computer with a tablet and Sai.

So I’ll take any feedback anyone has. I don’t often show my stuff to anyone. I’m a drawing hobbyist, not a professional by any means.


Yup I told you this before when you showed me your concept drawing for your cover page
You got skills

You have a very elegant way of making curves




I really am growing fond of that pirate one you drew, it’s my favorite


ok iam getting discouraged every1 here can draw better than me


Maybe it’s just all in your head along with voices commanding you to do bad things


Edit: Double post.



I’m probably older than you, too. Of course, I haven’t actually seen anything you’ve done, and I would love it if you posted some of your art sometime.

@Pale_Strider and Roslyn_samalt06

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Here this is one for my boss

For my howler bubs

And this is when the bird people had beaks


I like the touch of yellow against the muted pencils. It’s very pretty.


:frowning: u better than me


ohh well i guess i need to prac more :smiley:


Exactly! You should see the art I created when I first started out. If I stopped every time I saw a beautiful picture that discouraged me, well, I wouldn’t have much to show. It’s only when I stopped comparing myself to others that I actually started drawing decently.


It’s funny we both had the same idea to just highlight the yellow in the pic.



wow very nice :slight_smile:


My boss can read my mind…


I am thoroughly impressed with all of the talented artists in this community.


@Farside Love it!


accually the real problem is i am a scetcher not an artist i have to look at stuff to draw it


Hey @Irule9344 did you get your drawing project done ?