Around the Worlds - New story (WIP)


AROUND THE WORLDS is a story that follows two main antithetic characters that SEARCH, FIGHT and SHED TEARS and BLOOD for their own CHOICES to construct their own path in a BOUNDLESS UNIVERSE but also limited by the human condition.
Their choices are always scrutinized by THEM, by YOU.

PROGRESS (01-03-2019) - update every 15 days
Currently, the story is about 1% implemented. The 2nd Chapter are about 10k - 15k words depending on your choices, like 1st Chapter. (next update, Chapter 3 release, remain on March, 31).

Progress Log

03/01/2019 - Currently, the story is about 1% implemented.
The 1st Chapters are about 10k - 15k words depending on your choices, and I plan for the next updated to be made every 5 weeks/ about a month. It is the common start of 10 distinct story lines per main line of the game (male line - MD/ Mircea Dan and female line - MT/ Monique Touran), and there is not too much difference between the lines, except for the clear difference between male line and female line.
The 2nd Chapter are about 10k - 15k (a kind of target sum of words per chapter). But from this moment, there are already three clear lines of initiation stories for the 10 finals, for each main line of the game.
(next update on March, 15 - I’ve planned every next updated to be made at every 5 weeks/ about a month).

What follows (03-15-2019) - update every 15 days

The second chapter also named as days in this story is really done. All I have left is to add it into the formatting structure of the “choice” script and announce its official release (possible only to confirm it).

"What follows" Log

03/01/2019 - The third chapter also named as days in this story is the next bullet point on my “to do list”. The entire story that is as of yet written is following 365 no. of Days, A YEAR in the life of these characters, or the whole life of these characters depending on your choices. But in this story, time is something very relative…

More details

The universe, the galaxies… the world that you can perceive or Not

In a perfect world what could ever go wrong, everyone knows what their purpose is, everyone has everything that they need, everyone is where they are supposed to be… what more could you ask from this life? But is truly the human being created to perceive happiness from pure perfection and what does this perfection involves in order to be truly in place, to work as well as everyone says it does? When the human race realized they can colonize other planets, when they realized that they can find their perfect place and when they realized they are not alone what truly could be said about who we are and what we can do? The experience hidden behind their masks have truly been released, they can truly do what there are meant to do.

Male character preset Mircea Dan - MD line/ Male line of the game

Mircea Dan is the true embodiment of a human being that has everything at the tip of his fingers but still whines that what he needs is too far away. He is lost in this endless world that keeps on dealing him the best cards which he refuses to use in a search for a path, for a meaning to whatever he is doing and whatever he needs to do. He meets based on your choices all types of characters, through his choices following them or destroying them… or are these HIS choices… one can’t really say. In conclusion all that he wants is to find his purpose in a world that offers you so many wrong ones.

Female characters preset Lily and Monique - MT line/ Female line of the game

After being forced to participate in the Lookalike/ Doppelganger program Lily and Monique have to follow the orders or they risk their own life in a world that is so foreign to them… what the world asks of them they have to complete perfectly and at all costs. In this kind of a life all that they really desire is a somewhat stability, FREEDOM and a conclusion to this pain, a somewhat course of their short life to be created based on their own desires, based on their own needs… but is that even possible… especially with them at the wheel? When will their “debts” be paid?

The game will have 5 different levels of difficulty which can change your experience of the game almost in its whole entirety as it implies the access given to you as a player to the informations that you might or in some cases not need.

Details regarding the difficulty levels

TOURIST a.k.a very easy mode – this will give you access to the whole array of informations from the very start with the scrutiny of both material and spiritual lines of the game. For some it might seem like too much and it might get tedious but you sign up for that by choosing this level.

TRIPPER a.k.a. easy mod – It’s something identical to the tourist level, but without going through the stories in the spiritual world.

TRAMPER a.k.a. normal mode – It is the accumulation of narratives in their native form, without explanation, both for those in the material world and for those in the spiritual world, without forgetting the permanent connection between them.

BUSINESS a.k.a. normal short mode – Same as tripper, but without going through the stories in the spiritual world.

WANDERER a.k.a. hard mode – The development of the new structure of the algorithm determined this form to include a predefined line and one in which almost any determinant parameter (obviously) can be modified with your choices. As a particularity, on the female line of the game, only two distinct lines of the game can be traced with this major line of play.

The demo can be found here (starting with March, 15 - for now is the old release):

I hope you will have a pleasant time reading despite the grammatical errors and possible bugs that I would be gratefull if you could point out.

Dev Log

July 15, 2018 - Launch demo version for feedback.
July 16, 2018 - Restructuring multiple-choice versions (estimated completion July 17-18).
July 19, 2018 - Initiating development of “Day 2” of the game by inserting on each game line a kind of “will follow” descriptions (like those present in the TV series at the end of an episode) - (estimated deadline July 22).
July 23 - August 5 - Implementing romanian version of “Day 2” of the game.
August 6 - September 15 - Structural reconstruction of algorithm with implementation of inter-part and inter-day sections (only at the structure level).
15 September - 15 October (18 September) - Writing inter-part male line - Romanian version (MD line - Mircea Dan).
September 18 - This post has been closed because it has been passed 2 months since the last reply (according to the existing rules on this forum).
1 November - 31 December - Resumption - Writing inter-part male line (MD line - Mircea Dan).
1 January - 28 February - Writing inter-part female line - Romanian version (MT line - Monique Touran).
1 March - 10 March - Implementing english version of “Day 2” of the game.

My dialogues with YOU

03/01/2019 - 2nd Dialogue

I’ve just started working on my stories on this support (CoG)… I’m also working on this forum to prevent getting “two months without a reply”… At least I hope so…

History of our Dialogues

07/15/2018 - I have already uploaded a small version of this story a while ago and I am once again trying to upload my story for it to be reviewed here.

I am not a native English speaker and the translation of the text is quite the sore point of this entire project, the whole text is written in my native language and the translation takes quite a bit of time, the most amount of time to be honest.

08/15/2018 - 1st Dialogue - Being a fan of “multiple-choices” games, real choices as far as possible, like “Mass Effect” (for example), I have struck in the real impossibility of ever and ever going through the beginning of the game to reach a desired variant, especially because I’m already “developing” the game on the 14th day of the game. Moreover, being a “WIP - Work In Progress” game, you, the readers, will reach a point of game development and then… What?!? How?!? If you switch to another variant you lose the course of the previous game… And so… But, I found the solution, I work on it and it goes smoothly (even if I restructure everything I’ve worked for)… But I need some information from you, if you have knowledge of it, or you just want to participate in developing of this game with tips or anything else…

First question/request?!?

Introductory details/assumptions.

Within the general framework of the game, in the spiritual world, there is a place called the “House of Remembrance” (Akasha), where, in order to avoid the recurrence of the game, every time from scratch to go through one of the available versions, I designed a system (it works, but I have a lot to do, to put in place) in which the reader, YOU, can later choose any kind of variant you wish, with any character you prefer (I mean the main ones - Mircea Dan and Monique Touran)…

For those who have not chosen to go through the spiritual world, there will be some checkpoints, in which the characters will remember past situations, the events they have gone through, and thus will benefit from the same facility (obviously only on the material world line of the game )…

The problem to solve/ to know.

I ask those who have published games on this platform (or have knowledge) about the details of the publication, if I can get details of the possibility of implementing these sections/forms of replay and translation of the game line right from the start of the game or it is necessary to place these elements after that “insertion” point where the reader becomes a payer (after this point I have a system of continuity, to replay any section, including the those of “demo” type without going over this “logical” point of payment)… The idea is that it would be some consistent extra work and it would be better to avoid many days of replacements, workflow allocations, and the like.

Honestly, I’m interested in your opinion, your experience. The opinion of the developers and those who maintain this platform (CoG) I’m sure that I can be able to find out by simply contacting them and, of course, I will do so but only and only after I have your opinion (or I will find that I don’t have it). Simply, I want to know first the readers’ opinion…

Thanks for your attention and answers!


I recommend writing as much out in your native language first since a project of this size requires quite a lot of “potential” from start to finish. Your native language has been described as “the language of the heart,” so the more you see come to fruition in that language first the better punctuation and grammar you can use understanding where the story is headed. Also be proud of the language you speak.

This may sound weird but your best ideas will come about from easily translating. Also if you trust a native English speaker then consider showing them a portion of the chapter and ask them what you could improve. I am aware of the difficulty to convey emotion in another language so ask for some grammatical tips from people you know.

I would recommend finding out what people online also think about your writing, I enjoy stories where the writer becomes more comfortable and confident writing as the story progresses. :sunglasses:

Well done and keep going. From the sound of it just make sure you make sure the main points are included in the story and don’t be afraid to release it in multiple volumes if it becomes substantial.


Surely there is a clear connection between your advice and what I feel for a long time… You have absolutely right in all points of exposure… Be sure that your opinion matters!

Less than two months ago I fulfilled 50 years old. And, looking at what I wrote for more than 30 years, 10 novels, I came to the conclusion: “What’s the use of all this work?!”… The manuscripts are not in digital format, being written by hand… In Romanian … Romanian publishers… I stop here, it’s not good for the mood to comment… What are you doing? I ask myself.
And, from somewhere, came the urge to do, however, something with everything I wrote… Even under “remorse” like “we happily waste dozens of years in life, and in the face of death we beg for at least one extra moment” … About 5 to 6 years ago… Attempts, changing platforms (Renpy, Belle, Fungus under Unity) and finally, I chose “CoG” … I feel like I do not have enough time to go on a visual game line, to build 2d/ 3d assets, compose or adapt music, to put everything together, etc (like I did years and years) and, in addition, to do what I do here in “CoG”.

“CoG” is all that can be simpler and more effective… At least for me… A well-supported brand, a forum with special people, sincere and respectful and many more… Just as you said, adapted by me, “Actually we write to find out the opinion of others about what we wrote”… And here I do not feel me threatened, on the contrary, I feel me in balance, eventually sustained…

And, finally, the experience of the past few years, brought me this way of this “my last madness”… An enormous amount of work is required (besides feeling English). I thought if I get rid of the devouring time 3d graphics, music mixing or composing, building and auditing flowcharts and other, it will be better, faster… I really don’t believe that, but… I can only say that I will do my best… As much as I can…
And eventually, those who will support and help me, the same…

Thank you for your message and your heartfelt opinions…

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Your more than welcome Medow. I originally found CoG by searching for a forum to contact a developer of multiple choice books. I was intrigued by the warm, positive attitude here. After reading through the discussion I realized it really is an up-building area for good dialogue. Also your English is very good, which tells me your Romanian is likely even better. Whatever your future plans develop into, it is always good to socalize with people giving good direction. Feel free to voice any topics in a… topic! See you over at CoG friend.

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