Arena of Masters [WIP/Idea]



Hey, I’m Cole! I’ll start off by saying I’m glad to be in the community and I wanted to pitch an idea to see how you guys react to it. I’ve never seen anything like this on COG before. There was a similar game on steam called SC2VN though.

Give me some feedback in the comments and feel free to pitch more ideas. I have multiple people helping me on this, and we want to create something that hasn’t been done before, so we’re up for some in depth challenges. Thanks guys!

The Story

You play as a college kid, trying to make it in the pro scene in one of the hottest MOBA’s of its time. Nothing comes without work though, and unfortunately there are thousands of other people trying to make it out there just as you are. Can you soar to the top of solo que and maybe, even find your way onto a team?


For those who didn’t know, MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, and falls under the real time strategy type of gaming. This story will provide enough knowledge for someone who’s never heard of a MOBA to be able to understand it clearly, and learn more about MOBAs. This story isn’t just for video game players (though it does appeal to them), but it’s a story about the struggle of the real world. It’s about ambitions, emotions, and video games.

The story will take place inside of the game, with you making decisions which can lead to a win or a loss, and outside of the game, making you manage your life, and has you pressed to pay the rent. I’ve had contact with a couple professional Esport players, and I’ve learned their experiences, which helps me write this story even better.

How is this even innovative?

As I said, I’d like this to be something new, and fresh. I plan to make mostly every choice count, and let the reader feel very in control. Of course the story has to be somewhat linear, as there is an extent to what I can do, but I want this to feel like you have the power. Something like this will take a while, but Rome wasn’t built in a night.

I’d like to have choices for what role you’d like to main, and a small champion pool if possible. I’m up to add any ideas anyone has, COG scripting is very flexible.


Nice nice. A story about MOBA sounds interesting especially since I’m a former LoL player. Are you planning on making a parody of current popular MOBAs?


Loosely based off of League of Legends. I’ve had a lot of experience with the game, and played at master rank for a period of time.


I have the Steam game mentioned and I think a CoG project dealing with the same “arena” of professional gaming would be embraced and welcomed.

Do you plan on dealing with some of the social aspects the Steam game did - things like anti-western bias, gender bias and even generational conflict (between the Go player elder and the MOBA player) can be explored here too. If you do plan on doing these things, I hope you plan on going more in-depth than the Steam game did.

Also, the Steam game really had an abrupt ending - I hope you can go further then they did.


Yeah, the steam game fell a little short. I really do want to touch in on gender bias, there’s a problem with that in the gaming community, and I’d like to see that get light shed on. I definitely will go farther than the SC2VN, that game was one of the reasons that fueled this idea. I was a bit disappointed with the ending.


I look forward to seeing your work. Let me know if I can help.


Yay​:smiley::smiley::laughing::grinning:!!! an game within a game-school type wip
Good luck


checks Steam
700+ hours on Dota 2

I’ve never wanted a WIP to be a game so much

Though it will be hard pulling it off , I wish you the best of luck , and let me know if I can help in any way , 'cause I would love to! :smile:


Sound like it could be really fun if executed correctly

Best of luck dude


Does COD count?

JK. This sounds pretty interesting good luck with it, I’ll keep an eye on this


The only MOBA I’ve played is Vain Glory on the App Store, but I like it a lot so I assume a CoG game based of these kinds of games would be an awesome idea


Never got into some of the big name MOBAs out today, but I’d be interested in playing a CoG about becoming an E-Sport champ!