Are your loved ones planning to eat you?


Well the weather sucks currently. (At least where I am) Why not try this short quiz that will take only a minute or two at most to hopefully or continue to brighten up your day; or make you extremely paranoid…enjoy.


I don’t think any cannibals live in my neighborhood, but thanks for the warning… I guess :neutral_face:


Heheh you’re very much welcome. :sweat_smile:


The real question is will I eat anyone…


That concerns me mate, that concerns me alot :slight_smile:


Why? It’s not like I know where you live…


OH simply eating people in general guv’na


You went from stereotype of Australia to England… one of my favorite shows is Tokyo Ghoul, people get eaten a lot… it’s hilarious.


Okay… This thread got weird.

I am just going to back away slowly…

You are pretty much asking for a thread lock at this point :sweat_smile:


Haha most would have said Attack on Titan i think it was, Imagine that as a cog…

@balmot lol I’ve gotta use that gif one of these days


Much rather be eaten by ghouls then by giant naked people. Beside I’d be able to become an artificial hybrid and then be top of the food chain!
You are what you eat people eat food, people are food.


I got back on to the topic of eating people…


Still makes me wonder how it got s I extremely popular sigh


I have a 34% chance to be eaten by my loved ones.
That chance is too big, looks like I’ll have to kill my family :blush:


I have a 38% chance of being eaten by your loved ones!

That’s kinda worrisome…a bit over half huh…anyhow

@P0RT3R don’t make assumptions! Just because they’re preparing a room covered with plastic with cutting tools and watching you carefully with hungry eyes doesn’t mean anything…

secretly lowers percentage although technically near the original


… 26%… ;; I think that’s good. Then again, any percentage towards BEING EATEN is probably bad… ;u;


0.0 @Kait well, lowest so far I think you’re safe…for now.

I don’t wanna get eaten =(


41%!? That high! Probably because I’m so fat :unamused:


27%, dang it. So close to matching the record.


Mine was 21% :smile: