Are you dreaming in ChoiceScript?


I just started practising actually writing in CS recently. And it’s wonderfully complex to try to learn, but there’s been this unexpected side effect. Since I started, all the dreams I can remember have been choice games in format and the CS goes through my head instead of thinking. So just wondering if anyone else has this, if it’s normal while writing in CS, and whether it’s just because I’m trying to learn something new, and my brain will stop concentrating so much on it in the future.


Haha yeah gotta love the subconscious mind :stuck_out_tongue:
I have had it happen a couple of times where dreams start having text tendencies (sometimes complete with text emojis) or become cog like. Probably just means you’ve spent a lot of time thinking or leaning in that format and your mind’s sorting the info out. Wouldn’t worry :slight_smile:


Its a disease known as CS Syndrome. You won’t die, but in the near future, you will only speak in questions that are choices.

Nah, I’m just playing. Probably means you were destined to write an awesome creative interactive fiction piece sometime. The Gods have chosen you.


Dreams are your brain’s way of taking in and processing information and feelings that occurred recently, whether subconsciously or conciously. You dream all the time, but only remember unfinished dreams. It’s like a system update, but for your brain and not your phone.

If you’re dreaming in Choicescript you’ve either obviously been either playing, writing, or studying a lot of Choicescript recently, or its connected to something, someone, some ambition or some event very important to you. If it’s the former, chill, it’ll go away as soon as your brain gets used to it. If it’s the latter, only you have the right to interpret what it means.


Hehe, just thought if it was something that happens to a lot of when learn CS. : )