are there rules on making story?

In every game I have seen there is always a romance in it and character customization.
is it a rule to always write it? or is it ok not to?

and what are the things that need a warning?


You can write whatever you want as long as you follow the general rules.

Just do what you think is better for your story. While most popular stories include romance, there are a lot of successful ones that don’t. Some stories don’t include character customization. But the readers feel more immersed if you include them.


It’s not exactly a rule to have ROs in a story you want to write. There’s some WIPs I’ve seen that doesn’t have them and it works out okay for them.


No need, but those elements will attract more player so mostly everyone do it. You can make a preset protagonist but the player will have the immersion problem than the customize one if you don’t write it well enough.

Something uncomfortable, sensitive, and r18… like drugs, alcohol, abuse, seg, gore, sexism, mental problem like depression and etc


Most stories contain certain elements because they are popular and expected. Authors and would-be authors include them to maximize the success of their stories. You don’t need to do anything you don’t like, but it’s important to keep in mind the upsides and downsides of adding said ‘expected’ topics to your story.


Dumb question, but what do you mean by “seg”?
Definitions of the word that I know don’t seem as a sensitive topic.

It’s uh… Sex, i believe.


It’s ok not to write romance and/or character customization, though they are the default and more popular these days, therefore more readers. Just write whatever you want.

As for things that need a warning, I think it’s like any other piece of media. Sensitive topics such as mental health, trans and/or homophobia, racism, etc should be given a warning because it may trigger those who have experienced such things firsthand. Things such as drugs, sex, and any other topic that could be considered nsfw/18+ should be given a warning.

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You don’t need romance, but you need to have characters connect to the MC in some meaningful way. Romances are the most common way of achieving that.

Character customization is used as a means of helping the player connect with their MC. You don’t need it either, but it’s a powerful signifier toward your players that you support a wide array of expressions, even if those characteristics are purely cosmetic.