Are there​ other companies which also are dedicated to multiple choice games?


I was a fan of hosted and choice games and wants to know another firms which is also dedicated to publishing such games


Tin man and Delight games off the top of my head. Visual novel wise there’s quite a few on steam including all the tell tale stuff.

Other possibilities you could have a look through:

If you don’t mind choice fiction that’s not computerised (more like traditional choose your own adventure type books) this site runs a competition and all the books entered are free to download.


Oh thanks bro @Jacic


@Bugreporter thanks bro I nearly missed the limited liability company part …


There’s also Choose Your Story. I have a few games published over there.

Pros: The games are all free and they have a much more diverse range of game styles. (Linear, branching, escape games, etc.)

Cons: The games are published by the author, so there’s practically no standards. The absolute worst of the worst games get deleted but there’s still a lot of games that’re pretty terrible. (That said, the site does have a rating system, so if you just stick to the top rated games, you’ll be fine.)


I mean a game with stats mechanism ,not just a story , I did play one of it but I love stats type game more so got bored event after I like the game …

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