Are there any zombie games?

Hi, does anyone know some other zombie stories besides Choice of Zombies and Zombie Exodus? I found them both really good and looking for another. Thanks! :grinning:

Neighborhood necromancer has you play as someone controlling zombies.


Really? That sounds pretty neat. I’ll give it a go. Are there any other good ones that don’t have zombies but are about survival?

Divided we fall is a hosted game that takes place during the civil war so if you want surviving during war-time try that. (note that you play as 4 different people trying to survive so remember that)
The shadow horror is a horror-survival mystery type game so if you enjoy horror and clue gathering with your survival than try that.


off the top of my head, shadow horror and the more military-themed games sort of lean towards that, but it’s more that surviving plays a bigger part in these games than they do others. i don’t believe there are many cogs/hgs that are about survival in the traditional sense.

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Sweet! Thanks for the recommendations guys! I truly appreciate it :grinning: