Are there any tactical military or scifi styled choice games out there, and if not is it possible for them to be made?

I’ve always wanted a police or miltary style choice game that takes real life tactics into play. Maybe even with a fictional twist


Fog of War, Mecha Ace or the Infinity series (starting with Sabres of Infinity) may be to your liking, they’re all military themed and I understand both authors have a lot of knowledge in that area.


I haven’t read a lot of games than involve tactics at such, but I can provide some insight into trying to make them.

I think Champion of the Gods does a decent job with tactics for the brief battle portion with the player knowing they lack a particular type of military unit and having to use their player and tactics to compensate for it. This portion is only a very small portion of the game however, not the focus.

I think a major issue with making them would be how replayable it is. Once the players know the “optimal strategy” for the story, each playthrough would be just choosing the right tactical decisions. I think the only way to implement this would be to have some degree of randomization or try to create some basic enemy AI (for instance if you choose to do X, your opponent chooses the best response out of A, B or C, and you then have to respond).

I’d suggest The Fleet as well. A bit short for my tastes but it gave me a Star Trek at war kind of feel.

Apex Patrol is kind of similar to The Fleet imo but different plot and a bit frustrating at the end.

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Breached is actually a good one I loved and played it over and over again


Cataphrak’s Infinity series of which the first two games (Sabres of Infinity & Guns of Infinity) are out is a military simulator in which you play a Dragoon (mounted infantry) officer who must lead his troops into battle in a low fantasy setting that is roughly equivalent to early 19th century Europe in terms of technology and cultural development. You also start out as the heir to a barony. Magic exists, but it takes a backseat to firearms and stays mostly in the background. In the first two games you are at war, leading your troops. The third game in the series which he’s currently working on will take place in between wars and be more political, setting the stage for the next war. In all he’s planning on putting out five games in this series.

Cataphrak is also the author of Mecha Ace which is more sci-fi. I haven’t had a chance to look at Fog of War yet, but now that @HannahPS has mentioned it I will. Thanks Hannah.


I don’t know if you only want completed projects, but there are a few WIPs that fit this description. Off the top of my head, I know that the CoG WIP Ironheart has a lot of military and science fiction themes, being a mecha-fighter game set in the Crusades.


Yep started Fog of War yesterday and so far its been really good, would recommend to a friend!


if not is it possible for them to be made?

I wanted to address this part of your question because I didn’t do it in my first reply, but I think there are several features of ChoiceScript that would facilitate a tactical military/sci-fi game (as the existence of games within those genres already proves).

To be more specific, though:

  • Health and perhaps weapon/army condition can be shown with percentage bars.
  • The number of ships in your fleet or troops in your army or whatever is easily represented with numerical variables (you can see Choice of Rebels for an example of how this works, even though that game is not strictly a military/science fiction tactics story).
  • The stats page is a good way to keep track of a player’s resources and/or inventory because you can display certain text depending on whether or not someone has accessed a given item or what-have-you.

I hope this helps – I tried to give concrete examples based on your want of a “tactical” game! (:

It all depend on player role. Tactical is important for battle for squad fire fight the major battles of division and corp. But if you’re playing the general then you have to have great knowledge strategy which is long term vision of how to win the war. Not going into the political economic and social reasons for the conflicted which is equal as important.

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Great Tournament 1 and 2 , Life of Mercenary require lots of tactical strategy to survive the game

WW2, Pacific Theater, you’re a Marine Raider, short game but it’s fun.

Choice Of Rebels, and depending on how you choose to play it you can get that sort of experience from Choice Of Robots.

I recently started one. Surely it won’t be flintlock fantasy . Looking through some posts, I realized I have to rewrite some Options which involve romance and soldier choices. My bump currently is a Battle scenes , that needs a bit more research. :slight_smile: