Arceus: Awakening (WIP) [56K words] [Update 17/2/2024]

The drinking scene at HQ is not dependant on whether you drank on the party or not. It is meant to finalize the drinks or not check if you missed it at the party, but when I edited it, I made a false variable true and thus it was sorta screwed up. And it also caused it to repeat if you were offerred a drink for the first time at HQ. Should be working properly now. Alongside saves.

Did you grab the bottle of whiskey when entering?

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Ohh okay!! and No That option wasn’t there at all anymore.

But I refreshed it and It’s there now, so idk if it’s connected to a certain choice that caused it not to come up or if it’s just because you went in and fixed the variables. But it’s back.

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Question: How do you all like the action sequences? Are they exciting? Too long? Too short? Not detailed enough? Feel like they’re missing something?

I know I personally liked them!!

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Pretty enjoyable so far. Since the mission is more of infiltration situation its kinda good thats its more descriptive oriented. It got good variety of options. And I do appreciate the part where different combo of home and style garner different reaction from Isabelle.

There is a minor bug on the escape scene
[Everyone’s head snaps towards
the hall, bar the drunken
ali_man, who doesn’t even flinch,
just itching her head a little
Taking it as your cue to leave.
you head down the stairs quickly

Looking forward for updates

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Progress is moving much slower than I’d like. Probably a symptom of how much I wrote in that first stretch, especially now that I have to deal with University. Chances are atleast at this rate, the 3 days are going to be done sometime in March.


Hey i just read the demo for the very first time and i live it. I live the details and how you describe everything especially the home styles. One thing i find a little irritating is the interaction with our neighbor Lizzy. It seems a little weird that she suddenly comes and the way she talks with all this ‘like’ i dont want to sound mean or anything i just thought it would be better if we had the option to chose if we already know her or not and maybe a better excuse as to why she came to visit us. Besides that i really like how its going and take your time with writing it doesnt matter how fast you write you should do it in your own tempo and not overwork.


Hi, Just wanted to update yall as to how progress is going right now.

Thus far about 7k words in Florence’s hangout along side outlining done for Riley’s. Progress is slow due to mid-terms and honestly probably some burnout from having written so much in such a short time for the demo. But I will try and get as much done when I find myself in the mood to write. As rare as that is recently.


Right, time for another update, mid terms are over but mt writers block is ever present, so progress unfortunately remains slow. But I have completed Florence’s section and have begun on Rileys, and the outline for the third hangout is finished. The goal of it being finished by March seems a little far off now, but it should ideally be done by April. Hope everyone has enjoyed the month.


Wow this got to be the best wip I have read this I year.
keep up the good work , the story line is top I really loved it


Hello again, it is once again time for an update. With the end of Ramadan, I have thankfully seemed to have overcame my writing block, and knocked out another 10k words, which is about the length of the 3rd hangout and the store itself. I still have the 2nd hangout to write as well as general polishing and updating. Including adding a casual outfit and the skeleton of a stats system.

If there is anything else you think is missing, please tell me and I will see if it would be nice to add. Should this progress continue at this pace. Unlikely as it may be, an updated WIP would be here within april 16th. A more realistic goal would however be near the end of this month. I cannot wait till you all see a bit more of the characters within this universe.

And with that. I bid you adieu, and a Eid Mubarak!