Aprilhare: Beta Testers for CSComp Entry


Hi! I’m looking for people to test my CSComp entry. No details here, but I’ll include a description and junk when I PM the link to people who’ve shown interest, of course.

Not sure how to write this. I spent more time than I should’ve thinking about how dumb my username’d look in the title haha. But I made this bed. I’ll lie in it. I’m not sure how many people will volunteer. I’m just hoping for enough.

I’d love to hear what you liked, obviously, and what you don’t like too. Like if a character’s flat, the pacing’s off, you’re not feeling my writing, etc. Also typos, bugs, and grammar.

I’m mostly worried about the typos. There’re probably a couple in this topic post lol. Also, concerned about bugs since this is my first real whack at choicescript. I’m running it through quick and randomtest, but yeah. So, low and high level feedback basically, please. Would really love some high level feedback, like opinions on the writing, characters, and story.

Please post below if you’re interested. I’d really appreciate the help. I’d like to send the PM link by Saturday.


I’m interested, I have plenty of free time since Im on vacation


I’d like to give it a shot.


i am of course interested.


Can i beta test to I am very interested


I’m happy to help beta test


I’m interested (20 characters)


Im very interested in beta testing


I would love to be a beta tester! Can’t wait to find out!


I’d love to try it out!

Edit: I just noticed this is my first post! Don’t fret though. I’ve been here since 2012! I decided to remake my account though. :slight_smile:


Hi, if you are still in need of low-level beta testers I would love to help!


Happy to beta-test. We’re all in this together.


I’d like to help, I don’t have anything to do.


I’m up for it. However I can help. :grin:


Thanks for the offers! I sent out the link yesterday. If anyone was missed, please PM me and I’ll send you an invite ASAP. Same for anyone else who’d like to volunteer.


Hey I am interested in joining the test if you still have a spot open.

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