April 2024's Writer Support Thread

Mentorship isn’t what I had in mind, nor private tips or anything like that. No private discussion. More like just a thread to share intel. Lessons learned. ‘This worked for me.’ And then whoever reads the threads can decide whether it or not it’ll work for them. Far more casual.

Maybe it isn’t needed, but broadening @Sailingshells’s original idea to be any intel and not just feedback-based intel seemed a way to address some of the potential issues brought up.

I would have never realized that some people don’t read the button text and so feel lost when the next scene relies on having read it. That’s useful to know.



Ah, I suppose it could work. But need someone like @Eiwynn does in this thread to curate and carefuly maintain the order. Sorry if I am too old lady. But Since 2011. I have been watching how all.those threads go. All end basically 3 ways and none is remain of topic.

People lost thread, people start fighting. Or trying to impose their views. Or end in a political or representation situation.

It can work wonders in a most private short group dynamic. So in a writers club discord or blog can do wonders. In a public forum with thousands of people, not so much in my opinion.

I would offer myself as curator, it werent the fact that I have the diplomatic skills of Patton and being hatred.


I failed to meet my goals last month, didn’t even give an update on my WIP. This thread has helped me keep track of my writing speed since last month.

My obervations upon reading other writers’ reviews.
It seems if one is having a good enough month, without writer blocks or any other stumbling blocks, they would manage a full draft of a whole Chapter

I almost finished Chapter 3 of my WIP, in March, but dang. I underestimated my blocks. Not to mention I had to deal with a heartbreak​:broken_heart: :confused:.
I hope to not feel like that again, it was my first time, and it’s even hard to share this.

But we fall only to rise again, and move on with our lives.
• I hope to complete the full draft of my Chapter 3 this week. Then work on new goals for April.

Here is to hoping no writer suffers a heartbreak this month.

I do wish you all a great month, and then some.


I wasn’t looking for a “I hate this feedback” option so much as a “hey this stood out as interesting/valuable feedback” :sweat_smile: Apologies if I wasn’t clear on that. But based on the response here I think someone else will have to make the thread if they want it, I’d rather not go into what seems to be a controversial topic.


My biggest “eureka!” moment concerning feedback was when I found out/comprehended that a significant number of people only read the choices given when playing CS games.

After this realization, some of the feedback that did not seem to make sense, now provided more utility.

Now, given that I know that, one of my editing passes is to read my game in that manner and to adjust my choices and choice bodies to take this into account.

Concerning a “greatest feedback” thread … my thoughts are: feedback is too much of a sensitive topic for a thread of this nature to stay on-point and beneficial for long.

Feedback is something that many writers AND readers have a love-hate relationship with, and it is because of this, that I feel this community may not be ready for such a discussion in public and open to all – it may never be ready for such a discussion.

Speaking of a feedback related thread … I have been debating whether I should continue to run the Feedback Exchange thread. I am not sure it has provided the connection between willing readers and authors I was hoping it would.

  • Keep the Feedback Exchange Thread going
  • Nix the Feedback Exchange Thread
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If anyone has thoughts on this and would like to share those thoughts regarding the Exchange thread, please share them here or in DM.


I think this is a wonderful idea! Consistently working on your project is what takes you towards completing it, even if it takes you a bit to see results of you doing so.


“You rang?” Lurching into the discussion

@liszante @Sailingshells

I’m starting up a writer’s group with one goal being to provide real writing and choice feedback from writers for writers. I’m not 100% sure if that’s what you meant when talking about the thread, because this group is private to avoid unhelpful discussions, comments, feedback, etc., which occur when work is presented in the free-for-all of a thread. Any anyone is welcome, if they are willing to put in the work of some additional writing and commit to providing supportive, and actionable feedback of other writer’s work for receiving the same on theirs. We just started yesterday and are only sending out introductions currently and working on hammering out the details of how the group will work.


Yeah, That was I trying to say that your group privacy is the better place to more focused feedback and writing tips. Sorry if sounded like I was saying something different


This month’s obsession is exposition. In that I somehow have to get a ton of worldbuilding done in the first chapter without it feeling like a pain, or intruding on people who know it already, all while giving space for the characters to breathe. I’m currently pushing it behind dialogue trees, but it’s all a little ‘tell not show’. Unfortunately, doing it any other way would leave readers wondering what the heck is going on, and context is needed to each adventure, it’s hard to dodge.

C’est la guerre.


I did enjoy your post, but I am already in two other groups off-the-forums for writing and crit. Those aren’t IF-specific, but I cannot take on another group, especially one that requires extra work. I hope it works out great, though!


As someone who made a Reader post in the exchange thread, I thought it was a good idea – I found it very helpful to find the WIPs that were seeking constructive criticism – but I also didn’t receive any messages asking for feedback.

I do wonder how many people saw the thread – it seemed to quickly disappear into the depths of the forum, and once someone posts on the thread, it’s not like they need to post again, meaning there’s less activity to bump it up. So even if someone were interested as an author or reader they might not have noticed it’s existence, and I don’t know how you’d change that for future exchanges.

If you do decide to nix the thread don’t think it was a complete waste since authors did get feedback (…from me, :nerd_face:), but don’t continue if you think it’s failing to connect readers and authors.


If it’s any consolation, last month was a terrible writing for me too, though I think for different reasons.

I’m sorry to hear that. Heartbreak sucks. I don’t know if it’ll help, but writing is something that saved me from my darkest places; if it’s the same for you, too, don’t feel pressured to confine yourself to your WIP. Write whatever gets your thoughts and feelings out.


Declare is one of my all-time faves for how well it does this. I need to go back and read that again. :slight_smile:

Tim Powers was apparently part of Philip K. Dick’s circle of friends, and was the most seriously religious one. I’m told a Powers stand-in appears in one of Dick’s books, and the voice-of-the-author character at one point turns to him and says in exasperation, “For once, please feel free not to tell us what CS Lewis would say in this situation.”

My goal for April is to finish enough of Stormwright to post a big meaty update and put me on the road to publishing a whole game.


I really hated voting the way I did. I thought it was a good idea, but I need to be honest and admit that the idea wasn’t getting the traction it needed on the forums.

Unless there is some way to keep the thread bumped… like this one. I think it’s still a good idea, just that it was hard to keep the thread visible, which caused it to sink down the forum in a day or so. Admittedly, I wouldn’t have volunteered for the next round as I’ve been hit by a truckload of personal difficulties recently.

On another note, I’ve finally finished the next update for Scarlet Sorceress and should be able to put it up soon after some touch up. Unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with mental health issues and some extremely unfortunate events over the last two weeks, both of which had taken an unfortunate toll on my progress. Life seems to really hate me sometimes. I dunno… push on, I guess. If anyone is having a terrible month, hang in there. You’re not alone.


My take is the same I say yesterday. A forum where there is so many people is sadly not the place for a thread like that.

That makes me sad not only because I know how hard @Eiwynn works on this. Because I also know writers need it. We all here need dire feedback.

The solution a discord server just for feedback between writers and tester with a channel for each game wip joining.

But that is the thing. Except for big hyped projects people are not invested to posting on another server or organiced a detailed feedback. And those big games already have the fprum feedback anyway.

People like me will never have feedback and it is something I am learning to laccept


I’d love something like this too.

ouch in ‘still on chapter one after six months’

I’d be interested!


Hi @Niki_Christopherson , I sent you an invite to the group. Let me know if you can see our previous message history, which should get you up to speed. If not, I’ll forward that to you. Happy to have you!


Thank you very much for the invite! It sounds like an awesome idea :smiley: I’m currently in overdrive-mode on my project and can’t commit to additional writing, unfortunately, but I’m sending good vibes to the group from afar :sparkles:


Had a huge win today!

Whilst I’ve been confident in how well my generation code might work, I began implementing the relationship interfaces.

After hooking up the initial choices, I decided to run a few passes and see how the name generation was faring for dynamic families.

Four passes, and amazing results. I’ll be posting in the coming days with a full showcase of a V1 iteration of the relationship screen for an individual family member across a few passes of dynamic generation as well. :slight_smile:

Family Name Generation - Pass #1

Family Name Generation - Pass #2

Family Name Generation - Pass #3

Family Name Generation - Pass #4

I’m beyond excited as the code is starting to bleed into a visible form for the first time. Looking forward to providing more updates as the charge towards a WiP continues!


Turns out I’m working much faster than I anticipated, but I’ll leave this at the final post for today!

I have begun working on the relationships interface in full. V1 does not include Education or Career information, and have crafted V1 in rough form. Interactions are uncoded, but the return functions fully work, and this system dynamically pulls data from the generation system.

Family Display - V1 (Grandpa)

How do we feel about it?

  • I love it!
  • It’s okay.
  • Not for me.
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