Apocalypse Chronicles [WIP] - 85k words. Updated 05/25/23

I’m loving this so far! Looking forward to further updates :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
A new update is in the works and will likely be released next week. It will include among other things:

  • A great expansion of the farmer storyline (You will be able to meet up with Joe and some other of your fellow farmers. Depending on your attitude towards them, this scene will play out very differently.)

  • The option to call your parents and/or your brother right before the catastrophe

  • A scene where you can help your elderly neighbors to prepare themselves


Looking forward to it. Farmer is underrated and not much is unique about it yet so thanks for preparing more for this role

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I agree, Farmers, Teachers, Chefs etc. are underrepresented professions in post apocalyptic scenarios. But they have interesting skill sets, that are quite valuable in such a society. That’s why I’m including them. Each of the nine professions will play differently (Different NPCs, Different Story Content, Different Equipment). I want each profession to be a unique experience to play the game.


Re’ any possible future cheat mode, probably a big boost to attribute and skill points, during character creation would be best :slight_smile:


That would definitely be possible. I’ll keep that in mind.


Hello, a quick status update: The new content takes a little longer than anticipated. The new scene for the farmer profession alone is already 12.500 words and still growing. I’m now aiming for a release next weekend.


The game has been updated!

Changelog (05-14-2023)

  • Added over 25.000 words of content for the farmer profession. Note: This word count is not for a single playthrough. The word count comes from the very different directions and endings this scene can take. The new content is accessible via the phone call with your neighboring farmer Joe

  • Added the option to call your parents and/or brother right before the catastrophe. Right now this is only available to the soldier, but will eventually be accessible by all professions

  • I started to implement the morality system as voted for in the public poll. Certain evil or immoral choices will only be available if you’ve chosen to start the game with low morality or if your choices during the game have lowered that stat enough

I’m sure there are still loopholes and logic errors in the new content, since this scene was quite complex to code due to the many different ways it can play out. Please report everything that seems odd to you, so I can take a look at it. Some of the texts could also need some more work, regarding dialogue or more vivid language. This will be worked out as we move along, but feel free to make suggestions.

I am also interested in your opinion regarding the brutality of some of the new scenes. I want to give players as much freedom as possible regarding how they want to play their character, and that means of course also offering options to kill innocent people for your own benefit. I’m not sure if some of the new content is too extreme, especially since we are still in the prologue. So please test out the evil options extensively and let me know. Thank you!


Hi there, I think I’ve found a coding error. At the beginning when you choose a profession, I think the abilities bleed into other professions if you decide to read over the others. I didn’t realize it at first because I had to restart (it wouldn’t load when I tried going to the prologue) and tried choosing the profession I went with only to see there were several unskilled traits. For example, I read through the soldier, teacher, farmer, and mechanic before settling on the engineer route. When I clicked on the engineer route, there were no untrained skills (I tested the theory with the mechanic route, too, and came to the same problem) so that might be something to look into. Other than that, I really like the idea! I couldn’t get to the prologue because of issues loading, but that might just be my dinosaur of a phone as I’ve had issues with that in the past, so I’ll have to wait until I get home to read it

Hi, thanks a lot for your feedback! You’ve made a good catch there, it’s definitely a bug. I’m not sure yet what’s causing it, but I will try to find out as soon as possible. Regarding your issue not being able to advance to the prologue, you’re the first one to report such an issue so far. Let me know if it works for you on a PC.

Right, so the prologue is working just fine on PC! So it’s only the weird laddering with the professions that’s a bug. It might just be where you’re adding the attributes? Like, if you’re adding the variables before the player confirms their choice, that could be causing the problem (I went through the routes a couple times to see if the variables were being directly added to, so like if you were doing something like “athletics +4” or instead doing “athletics = 4”. Again, I don’t know your code, but what could be happening is that you’re doing the latter, which is fine, but if you do that before the player confirmation, all that’s happening is that routes with the same skills are being overwritten, while the skills from one profession that another one doesn’t have are simply being transferred over). I know that’s a shot in the dark and I’m learning choice script at the moment (not to mention that I don’t know your code at all), but that’s definitely an issue I used to encounter in other programming languages. Anyhow. Sorry for the tangent. But I loved the prologue and the setting! As others have mention, it reminds me of that Zombie Exodus game with the stats, but I’m really interested in seeing how you’ll incorporate the nuclear warfare part of it all. It’s such a fun and crazy category to write in, for sure.

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Thanks for your help, your guess was pretty much spot on. I had forgotten to reset the skill levels when you are choosing a different profession. So everytime you chose a new profession, the old skills stayed active, which wasn’t a problem when the new profession had the same skills, since in that case they were simply being overwritten. But when the new profession didn’t have that skill it stayed with that profession and caused that weird skill piling you were seeing. But thanks to your keen eye that bug is now fixed. I will deploy a patch soon, that will also contain some new content, namely customization options for your character’s hairstyle (length, cut and color) and eye color. I’m also considering adding the option to choose your style of day-to-day clothing.

Changelog (05-25-2023)

  • Fixed a major bug in the Character creation scene

  • Added some customization options for your character (Hairstyle and eye color)

  • Minor bug fixes


So is this genre a survival action like The Walking Dead?

In a way, yes. But I would rather compare it to Fallout. However, my game will be more on the realistic side, so no mutants or crazy weapons.


So basically a radioactive wasteland where it’s free for all. I like it. Question: will we be able to join a group of survivors some point and if we can will there be faction clashes

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You will be able to team up with other survivors or roam the Wasteland mostly on your own. And yes, there will be conflicts with other groups of survivors.