Apex Predators (WIP) (Updated 8 March 2019)


Just played the demo, I thought it was really good. I enjoyed the story and liked the writing style.

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guys what will you miss zombie breakout like food and all that me it will be playing games and cooking

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Thank you @Mulletcheese! :smiley:

I found this in my “scraps” folder just now and I’m literally losing it because I don’t remember writing this:


Vampire or Vader? YOU decide!


I just laughed so loud my cat yowled at me lol :joy:


killing time :innocent: what free for all when shit fan

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Love the design of the page. The idea of being a vampire in a zombie apocalypse is such an interesting one!

Also from a fellow viet, you’re doing a great job :slight_smile:


So, I didn’t go with the human and almost starved to death…now I am sitting on top a tower… when I see the bus " my food has arrived".


I like the art work


Holy cow this is good, haven’t had a good vampire game since Bloodlines. Can’t wait to show those dumb humans I’m still alive and that my vamp holds grudges :smiling_imp:.


I just wish to comment that I am quite impressed with the demo. While I may no agree with your take on vampirism, it does create a character that can be special without being over-powered, allowing for real tension. Little bits like having a real name that never changes, as well as a title and other little details helps your character to stand out and gives little hooks to your characters.

Overall, I think this will be a winner if its promise is executed well and the writing maintains its high quality. I WILL support this when it becomes available.

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Thank you so much for your lovely comment! :smiley:

gasp Thank you! One of us, one of us!

Thank you! I went crazy with the power to make a gif for the first time, haha!

Thank you so much! (Still haven’t played Bloodlines (is that the same as Vampire the Masquerade?) but I’ll take it as a great compliment!) I love seeing how differently people play their vampire MCs, lol!

Thank you, that’s a very kind comment and I’m honored!


Yes, rinari, Bloodlines = Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines = VtM:B.

Vampire the Masquerade is the Pen & Paper RPG that VtM:B is based on.


Ahhhh I need more of this! I’m interested in what will happen with Alissa – possible RO in the future? (if she ever manages to fly across the Atlantic haha)


Ah, thank you for this clarification! I didn’t know there was also a pen and paper version so this explains a lot! :laughing:

Thank you! And I think I’m planning for Alessa or Richard to show up in a sequel, but whether or not they’d be an RO is an interesting question! Richard is gay so he’d be the only gender-locked RO if that were to happen, haha, but I think I’d like them to stay MC’s close friend in any case. (Sorry if this is word-vomit, I’m just thinking aloud, haha.) Thank you for reading!


Okay, but now I’m all excited Sequel! Eeee!

Witness the MC giggling like a hyena as Richard is clued in on what his buddy is, and remembers where the two of them met.


In the meantime my mc (Goethe) is still stuck on a wall while the survivors are running outside.

Goethe: It’s going to be a long night.

Also, speaking of which- it would be cool if we could choose if our mcs could wear masks in-story!


Richard: (thinking of all the times MC refused to brush their teeth around him or smile when taking a photo)

Okay but Goethe is the most metal name I’ve ever heard for a vampire. I’m jealous!

Do you mean like gas masks or superhero masks? :slight_smile:


Superhero masks, it’s only fitting since your mc is a vampire in an apocalypse setting… But if not, gas masks will suit just fine

MC name: Goethe Irwa, AKA “Azazel the Shadow” in this continuity.


Well, a admittedly short demo that holds great promise. For in what I read I can say that I am…interested in a story with vampires in the zambie apocalypse for ever since watching the last episode of Deadliest Warrior of Vampires vs Zambies I’ve always wondered when someone was going to make a vampire in a zambies apocalypse…so I hope to see more of this since we all know, a Greek Vampire is the Worst, though sadly we can’t have a vampire in the early AD periods lol