Apex Predators (WIP) (Updated 13 July 2018)



just finished reading the demo and i loved it! i look forward to seeing more (and i especially look forward to seeing more of hot detective nick :wink:)


Ooh, thanks so much! :grin: I’m happy you loved the demo! And I’m glad you’re ready for more Conwaymance! (I am so sorry for that)


Yes, please and thank you.

I’ve often brainstormed what a vampire would do in a zombie apocalypse. I’m so glad you’re writing it.

Loved it, so far.


How do thralls work? Does being turned automatically make you a thrall, at least temporarily? Or are they something entirely different from regular vampires?


Thank you, @obieblu!

If you were turned by being bitten by a master vampire, you are automatically their thrall. This doesn’t really affect you in your day-to-day life at all unless the master sticks around. If they command you, you are compelled to obey them, because you are their thrall. It’s sort of like using the mesmer on you except it’s irresistible and absolute, because of the hold they have over you.

Of course, many masters choose never to command their thralls at all (or they just eff off and never come in contact with them again), but there’s still that awareness that they could make you do anything that hangs over both victim and master. It definitely makes having a lasting relationship (be it friendship or romance) between a master vampire and someone they turned sort of tricky and weird.


Well, that raise the question of whether or not the MC has a master somewhere out there in the world?
Or thralls of our own.

I can’t remember if you’ve said how old we are?


The MC isn’t a master, so they don’t have any thralls of their own. :slight_smile: But yes, they do have a master somewhere out there, which is something that will be explored in the game!

And I’m going to let players choose how old they are to an extent (you can choose between being turned in the 1600s, 1700s, 1800s, or early 1900s). The MC is at least 100 years old, though!


Awesome! Looking forward to that.


Honestly, I’m sick to death of zombies but throwing a vampire into the mix has really livened the trope up! I love messing with Nick and Claire is surprisingly likeable, which I didn’t expect from her character description and what I’ve seen on Tumblr.

I can’t help but imagine the MC becoming best friends with Dolly and bonding over old time stuff (‘this world isn’t what it used to be!!’) because they’re the closest in age :joy:

Would we be able to at least define which part of the world we come from? Like a general direction - Northern Africa or Eastern Europe

(P.S.: I got hella excited just at the mention of Poland in the demo🤩, so thank you for including it, even as a little cameo)


Yay, I’m so glad you liked the demo, haha! I’m hoping this will breathe some life into the zombie genre! (Get it?! Life… because they’re dead–)

This is amazing! :laughing: Dolly’s like teaching the MC how to use a cell phone because she understands what it’s like to have to keep up with technology…

This is definitely subject to change, but I’m planning on the MC to be an American Vampire–also an excellent comic book series by Stephen King and Scott Snyder, if you can believe it–because for story purposes, they’re not super familiar with the Seelie Court/Fey of other continents. Again, this could change, but that’s how I have it planned for now. :slight_smile: And I’m glad you liked the shout-out to Poland, haha!


I love the fact the MC went on a Cruise in the Titanic once and it “didn’t end very well” so they no longer likes them lmao


Ah, I see. The extra coding could also be a pain in the butt :sweat_smile:. If you do end up changing it though, then the MC’s lack of familiarity could be blamed on a poor memory (It’s been over a century, how do you expect me to remember the laws?? I barely remember the ones here!) Or the MC leaving soon for America (or kidnapped there by their master?) after they were turned because there was a lot of territory free as well as a lack of intense feuds.

Honestly I only considered it because it’d be funny for the MC to lie outrageously about their origins to freak out the herd while Nick and Claire calls them out on their bullshit.

Although if the MC has been on the Titanic then they must have left America. Wouldn’t they to be at least a little familiar with the laws of other continents? Or are there different laws for travellers that don’t settle?


I’ll definitely take it into consideration! :slight_smile: Like their friend Alessa, the MC has traveled around a lot as a vampire before settling back down, so they do have international experience; it’s less about familiarity with the Fey laws of other continents, though, and more about not being as familiar with the Fey themselves! Having them be from another country that the player can specify would be a lot of work (if you don’t want to exclude anybody) for something that wouldn’t really affect the story at all (except by complicating it), so I’ll have to think about it. :stuck_out_tongue: We’ll see how things turn out as the story goes along!


I played the demo a few months back and completely forgot the name, I have finally found it again


I love the idea of customising the pooch’s name! I love naming dogs.


I had forgotten the name of this WIP but after a throughout ( and tressfull) research i finally found it.By the way Love the wip


Dang, it seems a few people have forgotten the name, haha! Maybe I’ll have to change it? :yum: And thank you, I’m glad you enjoy it and found it again!


I think it has less to do with the name and more with the fact that there has been almost nothing for it in awhile.


You don’t have to change the name since it sounds really cool, and its really related to how vampires are predators.


God, It’s absolute awesome. The premise is really engaging and the post apocalyptic feel is blending really good with the vamps.

But when is the next update coming ?

Get with it already . :wink: