Apex Predators (WIP) (Updated 13 July 2018)



AHHH stop with the Twilight refrences…pretty please?


Short as it was, what was there did make me interested to see how it’ll go. Looking forwards to seeing the actual collapse of society and the process of adapting to a post-apocalyptic world and figuring out what’s left.

My question for now is if it’ll be possible to play a child Vampire down the line? I do realize that would take a notable degree of (re)writing so I don’t blame by any means if it’s more work than you’re inclined to do, but if it isn’t I certainly would appreciate the option.


Thanks for reading! No, a child vampire won’t be in the works for this particular project: it would make things quite sticky in terms of ROs and believability, in my opinion—a child vampire wouldn’t be hanging out in bars to lure victims, I think! But I appreciate the thought! :slight_smile:


A child vampire would hang around parks.


Yup, which this one doesn’t do, lol!


They could lurk in playgrounds and kill pedophiles


While that has certain benefits its still morally gray as its technically murder but like @rinari said that would still complicate ros not mention make their monsters as well


Yeah, no matter how old the MC actually is, I don’t think Nick or Claire could at all be interested in someone with an underage body! :flushed:


Like Babette?
Skyrim, killed old men that offered her candy.


Exactly like Babette! I never see much of her when I play Skyrim though. I make an awful assassin and Cicero gives me the creeps


I still have the screenshot of an arrow sticking through Cicero’s neck on my PC lol I really hated that guy.


“Ooh, ooh that tickles listener”


They all are freaking annoying only bothered doing db because shout and that cursed stone


A friendly reminder that this discussion about Skyrim is (a bit) off topic c:
Perhaps we can leave that for what it is and return our focus on the Apex Predators wip before the conversation on the thread completely digresses? c:


Goddess, am I looking forward to this. Vampires and zombies, two things I love in one! And the prospect of that Conway romance has me gutted. The way MC and him banter, almost playfully. My heart. Gosh yes am I looking forward to confuse the fuck out of him, especially once he realises he has feelings too… skips into the sunset, singing My dream castle on a cloud is only made better by the fact there’ll be angsty zombie gore involved! Yum!


Yay, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! :grin: It seems a lot of people love messing with Detective Tightass Conway… :wink:


He’s cute can you blame us


Haven’t played the demo yet, just wanted to say I already love this! This is a fresh take on the (zombie) apocalypse genre and I’m super excited to read it!


PLAY IT! It adds SO MUCH MORE than what I’d expected! I honestly didn’t want the zombies to happen as I was playing I was so into the game!


Thanks for the great endorsement, @Alorix! :grin::sparkling_heart: