Apex Predators (WIP) (Updated 13 July 2018)



I can also never do it as wistfully as he does! I still frequently do this to stuff though:


Big Mood™

Too bad our character won’t be old enough to remember the Roman Empire, because it’d be cool to do that, like, all the time and have the other characters speculate your age and human occupation and oh snap, it turns out the MC was Caligula all along.


I just love how because of the movies, we all have the thumbs up versus down wrong!!!

Thumbs down meant throw down your sword, and thumbs up meant run him through. Not the way we do it!


HOLY SHIT! Told you I’d be here! I don’t understand why I waited so long to play! It’s WAY more in depth than I thought! Keep up the incredible work!


Ooooh, ok this is exactly my type of game! I adore both zombies and vampires, and mixing them together sounds like the best thing ever! The characters we’ve met so far are delightful(I’m especially fond of the detective and the newswoman) and I cant wait to see where this story goes! I already have 3 different mcs planned out! I’ll also go have to check out your other story, since this one was just soooo good!!


FANTASTIC can’t wait to see more


Feos Seof, I love this stuff, 1/10, though, needs more puppies.


Thank you for your very kind words, @Alorix, @Perch, and @SuperJoshie! I’m glad you enjoyed the demo! :grin: (I hope you also enjoyed Shepherds of Haven, @Perch!)

@Theguyfive_Jbra MORE puppies?! B-but I just coded in Odin!

(Side note but somewhat relevant: I’ve been watching this show called the Last Man On Earth and I’ve decided that my first strategy after a world-ending virus hit, leaving me the only survivor, would be to procure food, water, and then go to the nearest shelter to see if there are still animals for me to live for.)


Finally had the chance to play the demo and I really enjoy where the story direction is heading! Getting a glimpse of some of the LI’s was really interesting, especially Nick (who’ve I’ve already fallen for lmao) and Claire~ Can’t wait for more updates and how this story will continue to progress. Good luck!


also, i’m very intrigued by how the “heavy sex” scenes will come to be~ ;D


Thank you! :grin: I’m glad to hear you like Nick and Claire especially! :smiley: And I’ll have to see how the scenes unfold organically lol but it’ll be interesting navigating to that point once the “present” story starts!


Damn, this is good! I do like a good supernatural story and combining that with a zombie story is just perfect. Definitely going to watch this!


Question. If we don’t go with Nick, can we still save Odin? Or do we have to watch him die?.. You monster! Using my love of dogs against me…


Will we meet more vampires?


:smiling_imp: You can’t save Odin if you don’t go with Nick. You won’t have to watch him die, though, you’ll just never encounter him and be able to save him! So your MC theoretically never knew about him, lol. But you do…

One of the characters you can recruit in your party is a vampire (you can see them all in the OP), so yes, you will meet at least one!


Whew okay. Good to know, thanks.

Edit: When I read about you writing the dog’s death scene I got worried lol


No problem! And yeah, you’ll only see the death scene if you actively choose not to save his dog once you see that he’s in trouble! Tough choices all around… :pensive:


Is this a realm of extreme science or magic?


I’m not sure what you mean by that! :thinking:


I think they mean to ask if it’s high fantasy (lots of magic, rather than a secondary world) or hard sci-fi (um…I can’t think of an example that doesn’t include spaceships)?


Ohhh, that would make sense! (Though I think high fantasy means it has to be in a secondary world?) @Theguyfive_Jbra it’s a low fantasy/urban fantasy, meaning it takes place in a fictional interpretation of “our” world! Like Twilight (boo) or Harry Potter :stuck_out_tongue: