Apex Predators (WIP) (Updated 13 July 2018)



Fenris is good, but Laddie, or Lad for short, would be better, almost like Vlad.


Fenrir is how it is meant to be spelled, I think it works better than Odin because Fenrir is an actual wolf in Norse Mythology


It depends on the language. Fenrir is the spelling used in english.
It’s the wrong alphabet, anyway. :laughing:


If we became a master vampire would it be okay to turn our ro would some also refuse the turning


Ooooh, I would love to be able to turn Nicks (My) dog (normal name here) into my faithful Vamdog/hellhound zombie killer Fenris the Bonecrusher!!!(<— Fey Name)


@Blank If you were to want to turn your RO, it wouldn’t happen until the next game, but yes, some would not be okay with the idea of being a vampire (who would also be bound and enslaved to your will).

@everyone I rather like Odin instead of Fenris because Fenris/Fenrir feels a little too on-the-nose for a dog–:sweat_smile: I’m open to other, not-necessarily-Norse suggestions, though! I like Max (short for Maximus) because it conveys a strong but chipper sort of personality; it is a little common, though!


I like Odin, it feels like something Nick would call his dog.

Balder is another norse god, who’s name is good for dogs, and there’s always Geri and Freki (or Gere and Freke, as I’m used to) which is the names of odin’s two wolves.

Generally, I like mythological names for pets, especially dogs.

It’s too bad that Disney kinda ruined Pluto as a serious name…

EDIT: We used to have a dog names Brutus. He was a sweetheart and the gentlest of giants.


My two Rottweilers have been named Goliath and Loki. Both names turned out to be so appropriate. Goliath was the runt of the litter when I got him, so as a kind of joke I named him Goliath. He grew to be one of the largest rottweilers I have ever encounters, standing close to 3 feet at the shoulders and weighing more than 150 lbs or 70 kilos.

Then came Loki. I have always had a fascination with mythology and the Norse in particular. Also I love the trickster deities of most religions, thus I settled on Loki. If I had gotten two of them at the same time, I was going to name them Thor and Loki. Well turns out my dog’s personality pretty much matches Loki’s from mythology. He is inquisitive, mischievous, and an attention craver.

So in the end, I think I have a pretty good track record.

That said, could the dog’s name be a variable that we the reader could choose??? @rinari


No, simply for variable purposes (and story purposes: I think it’d feel a little odd to be able to choose the name of another person’s dog, especially with how it comes up in conversation at your condo), it would be a little too complicated to have the dog’s name be a variable: it needs a fixed name so I can code its health, status, relationship, etc.! :slight_smile: I love the names Loki and Goliath though, especially for Rottweilers! (@The_Lady_Luck Brutus is such a great name, too: was he a St. Bernard or a Rottie, because that’s how I imagine him lol!)


Why not just call him Maximus Decimus Meridius


Would it be utterly lame if Detective Nick Conway’s favorite movie was Gladiator starring Russel Crowe (2000)?


Speaking of his dog could we potinatially drink from it. Not to sound like a monster but if the humans are too tired plus I don’t think as a master vampire we could turn then giving us a alternative


No, animal blood doesn’t do anything for vampires—otherwise they could just eat raw steaks and farm animals instead of having to rely on hunting humans. :stuck_out_tongue: No drinking from the pooch!


You would it be possible to drink from zombies that are still moving if not it could be desrecibred as corrupted


@rinari He was a mix of St. Bernard, Bernese Mountain Dog, Great Dane, Labrador and Rottweiler… It was funny, because he ended up looking almost exactly like an old extinct danish breed.

And I like the idea of Nick naming the dog after something he loves, and also the name having both a long and a short form. It makes it seem more real and immersive.
But I’m the kind of person who gives my pets a hundred different pet-names, so I’m biased.



Name the dog Maximus, goddamnit, LET NICK BE A DORK.


I swear everytime that I watch Gladiator someone ends up cutting damn onions…


Every time I see a wheat field I want to walk through it touching the tops with my hands :joy:


But then your hands get itchy and it’s just not the same… :cold_sweat:


I can also never do it as wistfully as he does! I still frequently do this to stuff though: