Apex Predators (WIP) (Updated 13 July 2018)



what is this kind of heresy ? people on the internet have lives ? preposterous !


What’s a Li-ve? I don’t have one of those how do I get one? :stuck_out_tongue: Kidding kidding people really should really remember that yah people are writing these stories and not machines


You have to beat Satan in a game of Tic Tac toe and then beat him rock paper scissors Or challenge him to a banjo competition and half way through beat him over the head with your banjo and take a life out of his pocket


Would it be acceptable to bring a friend to challenge Satan to a banjo duel? Just asking for JB or Kyle Gass if they’re available.


Save dog?




Yeah, writing the dog’s death scene if you choose not to save it kind of hurt me, so I had to take a step back for a little bit lol! :grimacing:


can we have the option to sacrifice him but keep the dog? :thinking:


Not in this first instance (they’re a package deal in the prologue), but once both join the party, Nick can die down the road while Max lives!


Muhahaha! Soon the dog shall be mine.


What kind of dog is it?


German Shepherd, as in all horror movies! :laughing: I might change his name to Odin. :thinking:


Do dogs …like us? Or do they smell the vampireness and stay away? Do we get to pet and cuddle with Max because I want him to like the MC more than Nick ?


Aaawwww, but the dog will be sad if it’s human dies! :disappointed_relieved:


I love German Shepherds! They’re my favorite breed.


This dog likes you if you save him! In fact, his relationship stat with you will be at 100 if you save him! :laughing: But he also loves Nick, so yes, you will have to consider that if you want to sacrifice him. And yes, you can give him all the pets and cuddles you want. You can even train him (or tell Nick to), which is probably necessary to teach him to not bark at zombies and draw attention… It does eat up time in your day, though!


Odin is a mythological god Norse to be specific( you probably already know this) is Orginial and unique but max is a classic.
If you still have trouble I suggest putting in a poll


Odin’s not really an uncommon name for big dogs?
Or, maybe it is in America? :thinking:

Anyway, I like it better than Max, as well…
Either way, it’s not Rex or King.


I feel like here in North America Zeus is more common of a name as I think mostly people are more familiar with Greek mythology. I’d argue that a lot of people know very little of Norse mythology outside of the Marvel context :stuck_out_tongue:


I live in Denmark, so my viewpoint is pretty scewed on this topic. :blush:

And the marvel stuff makes me cringe, so if that’s all people know, that’s pretty sad. :sweat_smile:


You could name him Fenris. Or Loki.