Apex Predators (WIP) (Updated 13 July 2018)



Oh man I love this already the idea sounds both hilarious and genius XD

Looking forward to see what you do with this


@rinari This is REALLY good. Found a small typo while playing through, however (apologies if this has already been pointed out), in the opening bar sequence:

“I guess you’re right,” she says, eyeing you appreciately.

I think you wanted appreciatively?

Again, love the WIP so far - keep up the amazing work!


@Elena_H Thanks for catching that! I did not notice that at all and no one pointed it out haha! And thank you for your kind words - I’m glad you’re enjoying the game! :slightly_smiling_face: (same to you, @Bloodhawkereaper!)

@BoisterousBumblebee @AmericanShakespeare @2xs I’ve never played Vampire the Masquerade but my thinking is along the same lines: a vampire wouldn’t get high from a drug user’s blood—there’s a comment in the prologue about how alcohol doesn’t even do anything for your MC—but it does taste different. Like a boozy chicken vs. a regular chicken, lol.


What about in Love at First Bite? Dracula got drunk in that one.


Okay, I love how I just have a fist full of cash in my pocket and no wallet it’s adorable.

Also nick… too cuteeee

This has a very strong vibe of “what we do in the shadows” vibe LOL

Tysm for the demo! It’s awesome!


Yeah, who needs a wallet when you never need to carry ID? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad you enjoyed the demo! :sparkling_heart:


“Brodcast is the most popular boy band in the world right now—they’re so hot that even a vampire like you knows about them. Richard loves is a big fan of Brodcast, though he claims it’s for the dance moves and not the fact that each member is considered devastatingly handsome. “That’s a shame,” you say. “Can’t they refund your ticket?””

Don’t know if I’m dumb or this is an error, or if fixing errors are anywhere in your priorities, but I’ll post this anyway.


Hey, thanks for catching that! I always want to fix errors (and have them pointed out) so thank you so much! :smiley: You’re definitely not dumb lol!

I never have this many typos so you can tell this is my side project jkjk I have no excuse


Why does saying you associate with humans (and talking to Richard) reduce your social stat?
I mean you’re still social even if you talk to humans, it’s not like you have no friends at all


Whoops, it’s supposed to increase your social stat! All of these fixes will be in the next update! :sweat_smile:


Why would we go with the detective, doesn’t breaking away give you more chances to eat(or save) people?


No, breaking away doesn’t give you any chances to eat–people are running from infected, and you are, too–but you can save a few randoms on your way out. Going with Nick gives you a relationship boost with him and a chance to save his dog.


You said there is this Hemokinesis ability later that allows you to control blood, does it work on zombies too or only humans?


@Frogs It only works on humans and Fey, but not zombies!


The zombies are able to be disposed of right? And how is it found out that the MC is a vampire?


You’ll find out when the chapter ends? :laughing:


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Gentle reminder that most authors are people with lives outside of writing who write their games during their free time, whose games may not be their top priority, and that being pressured or rushed, even jokingly, is not fun.


Thanks, @impeccably-stressed! :slightly_smiling_face::sparkling_heart: And thanks @Kanaya and all for liking the game so much lol! I am devoting my creative energy to the book for the next few weeks and taking a break from CS to avoid burn-out, but I do take frequent tumblr breaks! :laughing: