Apex Predators (WIP) (Updated 13 July 2018)



Hey, just wanted to say I loved your demo. I found a small mistake looking through the code; when you pay for Allen’s water, you lose 5% merciful rather than gain merciful.


Is it a mercy though? IS IT? lol


Thank you kindly @COGZealot! I’m glad you liked it! :grin:

@Red_Eyes I’ve never seen/read Van Helsing, so I’m not sure what kind of magic Alucard uses—in this world, I wouldn’t say vampires use magic, but I guess someone could also argue that things like the mesmer and hemokinesis and flying are magical? :thinking:

Thanks so much for catching that, @TheTrueKing! I’ll fix that ASAP! :slight_smile:


Our protagonist is so… thirsty… XD


I mean, they are a vampire… :wink: Funnily enough, most of the characters won’t respond that well if you’re super super thirsty–like predatory thirsty–I think Casey likes you better if you pretend to be a fan of Yoo-Sung than if you try to get in her pants LOL.

Also, fixed the bug that @TheTrueKing mentioned and a few other little things that was making line breaks funky (I guess implicit_control_flow doesn’t work in dashingdon?). I really hope we can just refer to Nick as Detective Tightass Conway from now on. :slight_smile:


That reminds me, could there possibly be a third option?
I didn’t want to flirt with her, but pretending to be a hyped boyband-fan was just too cringy, and I couldn’t do it to my character. :laughing:

And Detective Tightass Conway is a bit long…


We don’t meet Aleister and Valorie in the demo, right?

I really like Detective Tightass, and look forward to, if nothing else, becoming actually friends with him maybe


I could throw a third option in there! If you choose glow stick you can pretend to be excited in a pretty sarcastic way or just straight up give up and be like “yeahhh fuck it I don’t care about this…”

@JMH oops, you’re right, Aleister and Val don’t show up until later! I should have said all human characters have been introduced. :slight_smile:


I love her reaction to that. Although I’m not looking forward to her reaction to him being eaten alive.

I feel like we need a more detailed physical description before we can call Conway that.


Just wanted to point out a bug, in case you hadn’t spotted it. When the MC is talking to the detective, choosing ‘Why does anyone go to a bar?’ causes:

prologue line 621: increasing indent not allowed, expected 8 was 12

(Choices during the scene where ‘what’s with the apple’, ‘sit directly across from him’ and finally ‘why does anyone go to a bar’.)

Otherwise, I can’t wait to see the next update!


Thanks for catching that, it must have just happened when I updated this morning for the janky line breaks! :slight_smile: Will fix ASAP!


Will pulling away from the dick(detective) , give you the opportunity to save and dine?


Lmao at our ancient ass Vampire, The Bonebreaker! Sucker of blood, Shepard of Humans, and Hunter of the Undead! …is just kinda over there…waving a glowstick, amidst a sea of hormonal teens.
Such a cruel fate.


Depends, if you wanna have dinner off the teens once they’re high then it’s such a cruel fate for them lol


But then you’d have to put up with them long enough to mesmer 'em to your blood party!
Also, would their blood taste different if they’re all high and off in space land?


The effects should carry over, theoretically


You are not familiar with VtM(Vampire the Masquerade) I would guess. They had the best approach to this that made sense. Since you no longer derive sustenance from human foods or drinks, you also no longer draw from their vices as well. Your drug that brings you euphoria is blood, and tainted blood reduces that euphoria. The most pure, innocent and well bred blood has both the best taste and the best effect. I always refer to VtM when considering Vampire lore as it is one of the best thought out there is.


It definitely is. Im hoping Obsidian makes something out of the ip, after having bought it.
Ah, i remember Heather becoming tainted with my malkavians madness via blood. So perhaps the effects go both ways?
Anyways, not sure how Apex will use it though.


Ok, but like, this isn’t based on VtM.


I also hope they can create something like tyranny in terms of story, it will take something on that level to even begin to compare to VtM:B

Also @Shoelip I am aware, but I prefer the well thought style used by VtM. That said, I do trust @rinari to do what is best for her story.