Apex Predators (WIP) (Updated 13 July 2018)



I like 2 and 3. The second one because it seems very nonchalant and the third one because it just screams: “I’M A VAMPIRE, COME AND GET ME!!” :vampire:t2:‍♀️

But if I had to choose one then 3 is the winner.
Very vampire-ish.:bat:


I like the second one


I like 2 mostly, it looks more on the light side I guess


Font #2 or #3. 2 seems elegant while 3 looks like it could be written in blood. Both “feel” vampiric to me.


I don’t like nr. 1, but I feel like both 2 and 3 are overused, and neither of them feel perfect for the story… :chipmunk:


I’d like to chime in as the only person here who likes 1.

Personally I just find it a happy medium between 2 and 3.


I like the first one better as well. It looks more blanced than the other ones.

IMO, the second one looks too fancy and the third one too edgy. I find that since we have the choice of what kind of vampire we are (sexy/scary, human/monster, etc), a balanced font is suited better.


Personally, I prefer the second style of font. Because, as @microwave04 beautifully said:

It just says “sarcastic vampire” more than the other ones.

Also, the third font is just a bit too usual for the ‘scary movies/books’ (Though it stands on the second place in my opinion; I mean, it certainly has its appeals).
And the first font is just not in style with what the story will be about, it reminds me of games/series that centre their attention on a school/slice-of-life setting.


Going with 1 as well, although 2 has a nice “we’re all going to die, let’s have tea” feel to it.

History fact

Also, I know it was a throw-away line and all, but Dracula (the real history guy, not vamp) had a secondary home at Poenari Citadel, not Bran. But yes, way too touristy and not worth visiting. His original one is mostly ruins. Chindia Towers and other ruins in “Curtea Domneasca”. Just leaving that out there, not really important unless you wanted to add more original vampire stuff about him.


You could also use different ones for the “prologue”/“chapterX” and the chapter name?

And there’s tons of really nice free fonts available all over the internet.


Hey, this is very cool to know! I was only aware that Castle Bran is purported to be Dracula’s castle because it was the only one in the country that fit Bram Stoker’s description in the book, being on the border to Wallachia and all, but I also think there’s no evidence Bram Stoker ever went there lol? Thanks for the interesting knowledge! :slight_smile:

And all three of those are free fonts from the internet, @The_Lady_Luck. :sweat_smile: I’ll probably just keep it at #2 for now since that seems to be popular, though it will look dark on the current dashingdon theme.


Ha, sorry! :laughing:

I’ve seen them so many times before, I was sure they came with most of the programs I use. :blush:


Also, the demo has been updated, and all group members have been briefly introduced. :slight_smile: They will be very different when the MC encounters them again in the apocalypse, however… The prologue is nearly over, and a save function has been added, as we’ve hit 10k words (already!).

(Also, forgive anything you may see here: I wrote all of this with a fever and at 1 AM!)

Also, I am heavily considering adding Nick’s dog Max to the group, mostly because I love dogs and he could add a fun mechanic and he’s a very good boi! I haven’t decided one way or another yet, though, so I might not. Just throwing it out there!


I hope you are okay?

And yes, add ALL the pets! Pets are the best!


As far as I know, yeah, Stoker never went there. :slight_smile: and my pleasure. Hope you’re feeling better.

Please, please add the dog. Dogs are the best and it’s his best friend!


Yes, I’m okay! Thanks for your kindness–I think it’s one of those things where a good night’s sleep will get rid of it, which I plan to do in ten minutes after I check Animal Crossing

@The_Lady_Luck Those fonts really should just come with the default Microsoft Word package at this point; we get WingDings but not Buffy?


it would be a nice change from those tens and tens of boring ones.
At least we will always have comic sans, the most overused font of them all, so we can show everyone how fun and youthful we are! :joy:


I prefer num. 2 (because faancy~~) and in number 3 the y and u look the same.


i don’t know if anyone already asked this, but do vampires in your story us magic? Like Alucard from Hellsing or nah?


That update… Wow. That was incredible.