Apex Predators (WIP) (Updated 13 July 2018)



But I like playing someone who’s OP. :slight_smile: I actually disagree that they’re OP, though: the vampires’ weakness isn’t garlic or crucifixes, it’s their dependence on human blood to survive. That drastically pares down and changes exactly how they handle themselves when confronting human survivors and even how they use their powers against zombies and Fey–since they’re essentially powerless if the supply of blood in their body ‘runs out’. A vampire can’t fly if they haven’t fed in a while, and they’re still liable to be ripped apart by zombies if there’s a scarcity of humans for them to draw power from.

Fun fact though, eating garlic will make you taste disgusting to a vampire, which is why they tend to avoid people who have it. When you’re starving, though, you can’t afford to be picky.


So are werewolves in the story weak to silver?


No, they’re affected by all kinds of bullets. (You’ll need a lot to take one down in werewolf form, though. In human form… not so much.)


I had a weird idea a survivor city protected by vampire in exchange for a blood tribute


Ha, so the fact that I can’t eat garlic anymore, would be good for someone at least!

:disappointed_relieved:I miss garlic…


About how much blood does a vampire need to kill Zeds?


Your blood stat will tell you how depleted it’s been every time you use your powers or attack an enemy. It really depends on what you’re doing to kill the zombie. Vampires are naturally stronger than humans, so you might not even need to use your blood to twist one zombie’s head off; but punching through its skull or picking one up and throwing it could deplete your blood slightly. Using the blood to, say, pick up a car or juggernaut through some walls could deplete you entirely (this is referred to as “burning blood” in the game). Flying burns blood super quickly and you would only get a short distance (enough to get to safety) even if you were completely full beforehand. So it really varies depending on what you were doing.


Also, which chapter title font do we like better? #1, #2, or #3?


I’m a fan of 2 and 3. I like 2 the best but 3 fits more with a zombie apocalypse AND vampires angle where I think two is more appropriate for a just vampires tale


True, I’m of the same mind as you! My only thing about 2 and 3 is that I think 2 is funnier for some reason (??) and lends itself to a lighter tone, whereas 3 seems more appropriate but is also like “BLEH! I VANT TO DRINK YOUR BLUD!” :vampire::bat:

(I clearly overthink stuff like this… I promise it’s not a sign of procrastination >_>)


I see what you mean about 2 being funnier, actually! It fits with the kind of dry sardonic detachment the MC seems to have, nice cursive as the world is ending.

(I almost feel called out by the parenthetical haha, I definitely don’t have notepad open with my own WIP that remains unchanged because I’m browsing the forum instead…)


I personally like 2 more. It just says “sarcastic vampire” more than the other ones.


2 is my favorite of the set.


I a fan of both 2and three


I like two the best I think, but three reminds me of Buffy The Vampire Slayer so that’s cool too.


I like the second one. It feels more polish for me. :slight_smile:


I like 3.
Very Buffy.


3 is my preference. Just better for the combination of zombies and vampires in my opinion.


2 or 3.

They are both amusing to me.


The second one (20 char)