Apex Predators (WIP) (Updated 13 July 2018)



Will we encounter any sparkling vampires (to do with as I wish :innocent:)


So are those people on that character list the entire potential group, or are there some surprises still in store?


I just came up with the perfect name for the boy band:



This is amazing! Love the demo!:+1:t3:


I have to say, kind of reminds me of the outer limits episode of the end of the world through nuclear weapons and the only thing moving outside were vampires…

But you have captured me through your very interested story. But as for the humans, I think I should setup a human farm. No worries about were to get food.


Love it! Seems like a really interesting story so far!


So uh, not that this hampers the game really, but one problem I always have with the zombie apocalypse genre is the gaping plot hole at the heart of every story. How the heck did a disease transmitted solely by mixing of bodily fluids that turns the infected into essentially an extremely violent really crappy ape somehow take over the world? Humans are proportionately slower, weaker, and less naturally protected that the vast majority of all other species on the planet. Our survival and dominance of our environment is based almost entirely on our utilization of our mental capabilities and manual dexterity. Technology, complex problem solving, and communication, zombies are essentially humans minus the things that make humans so dangerous. They’re basically violent crappy apes. Not something I think you really need to answer… but it’d be cool if someone ever did. XD


Endurance they don’t really need to stop for breaks they also can/will ignore injuries they are given and still keep attacking and it’s possible depending on the story getting zombie blood on you will/can infect you

Edit though in real life I’m pretty sure the world’s militaries could wipe them out


if they’re just infected humans they definitely need to stop for breaks, and even if they somehow don’t react to pain or shock they’ll at least react to bloodloss. The shambling zombie ones on the other hand are well, really slow and clumsy. And again, they’re humans without everything that makes humans dangerous. They come sprinting right for you gnashing their teeth they’re probably going to trip.


Well most of the time they are portrayed as getting lethel injuries such as a hatchet stuck in their head or chest and they keep trucking so I don’t think they feel pain so would they feel exhausted? But of course you could always argue it’s because the rule of cool so that you can have the main character follwed by hundreds of zombies at any given time


Anything coming at you in a god damn hoard is going to be dangerous.

Though I do not disagree with you seeing as we have technology that can wipe out a planet if need be. Our only enemy then is time. Or yknow we engineer the virus and reduce its half life so it drops dead in 2 weeks!


I just imagine Umbrella Corp…they did it! GUILTY!!! :smirk:


Waah! I really liked the demo about the vampires and other fae! I like such games and the ability of being in the place of a vampire is really cool. Best of luck with your ideas and progress on this game!!!:blush:


I can’t tell if this is a meme now, are you guys playing a joke on me or…? :sweat_smile:

No sparkling vampires in this universe. Let’s say there was one as the result of an unusual mutation; his name was Cedward Ullen and everyone ended up killing him because he was a dickhead. No sparkling vampires ever thereafter. :innocent:

Everyone on the character list is your entire potential herd, but you will of course encounter other characters—and in the future, you may be in charge of more? :thinking: Who knows?



I’m not making fun of you I just hate sparkling vampires and want to personally bring about their end


This is So awesome!!1 Amazing Concept!


I know you’re probably joking. But make this canon in the context of the story. I love it.


Ah, well I ask because aside from Barry these human characters all seem like pretty common archetypes for a zombie survival group. That isn’t necessarily bad given the twist I suopose, but something could always be more interesting.


This is wonderful. I love it. I just wish there was more to the demo.


That said, I think some of the traditional vampire weaknesses need to be stronger. Vamps are OP the way you’ve written them.