Apex Predators (WIP) (Updated 13 July 2018)



Would it be possible for us to get superspeed??


Can we glitter in the sun?


This is weird, I found a unopened Snickers bar under my bed, I live alone.


No, no superspeed! :laughing: I think flight and superstrength are quite enough!

The ghost living under your bed is saving that for a snack!




I want to post the gif of the clown getting dragged under the bed from “scary movie 2” but I don’t want to get ban either.


Should I eat it? I’m going to eat it, if you don’t hear back from me, it was nice knowing you.

EDIT: I’m alive.


Or are you? Maybe the snicker s bar killed you and now the ghost has possessed your body and masquerading as you!


Completely unrelated art drawn by a friend. But my Vampire drinking blood and getting stronger and then weaker after time made me think of this image they drew when I thought of a younger child Vampire xD


In the context of the image she had too much Sugar / Drank too much soda. Lol.
Also me being tired and fucking up English and sentence structure really bad makes me do 50 bajillion edits. I am sorry ;w;


New Boyband name: The Flyboys … :airplane:


The Scranton Strangler and Boyz4Now.

For the boy band name, I think that depends on the kind of ‘image’ you want their managers to be pushing. Is it like Backstreet Boys where it’s slightly bad boys (but not really) who are just…reallly good at singing? Or is it more like One Direction where the bandmates are portrayed as likeable and relatable? Or like the Beatles when they first came to American and were dressed as Nice Boys™?

As you can see, I know nothing of boy bands, lol.

f-fuck that’s amazing

And also I stumbled onto this amazing subreddit that deals specifically with brocabulary.



Brohemian Rhapsody.


Broletariats, omg.

God, I’m not even suggesting names anymore, I’m just crying with laughter!


Bromeo and Juliet.


Can their hit single be called Broner?


For the Phoenix killer just take some killer that was active pretty long ago like Jack the Ripper or something similar and say the that person became a vampire and has become active again


Personally, I like the names as they are… Speaking of which, shouldn’t “…the Darkangel.” be “…the Dark Angel”?


“Bromantic Tension (NoHomo)” Er… actually if they’re “bros” are they constantly unintentionally homoerotic but really uncomfortable about it as bros typically are? Although a character who’s constantly low key homophobic probably won’t find that much sympathy with the audience on this site.


No, bro, they sing about how emotionally supportive they are to each other because they’re such great bros.


“You PC, bro?”
“Yeah bro, I’m PC!”


I’m MC though…
Can I still be PC?


MC is PC bro!

Player character that is!


I don’t like to be played, I liked to be mained.


I would say they’re most like One Direction with a liiiitle bit of Spice Girls/K-Pop boi bands thrown in! Barry is the nice bro, if anyone’s wondering…

Brofessor: the smart one

Brotester: the rebel

Brocrastinator: the slacker

Bromiscuous: the romantic

It could be, buuut Darkangel looks kinda cool to me… :stuck_out_tongue:


I can imagine my vampric John constantine meeting a warlock John constantine arguing over which ones the better constantine