Apex Predators (WIP) (Updated 13 July 2018)



So if there’s an attack on our group I can accidentally not get there’s in time or notice what’s happening to him.


I’m gonna get murdered for this but…do we sparkle?

runs for cover


Yes, exactly! :laughing:



I am open to alternative suggestions for the Phoenix Demon or the boy band, Brodcast. I mentally farted them out while writing at the airport but I’m not very attached to them. XD


I can see why Nick doesn’t trust me very much lmao

Technically… I did both options, killing her or sparing her, dependant on which MC I wanted to play as. But the first time i made the choice it was to kill her, so i voted that. (What? Being at full power sounded useful… and tempting :joy: Uh, c-cause I mean it said I hadn’t been able to feed like usual and I know that’ll only get worse, so it seemed like I should take what I can get while I can alright)


The Western Ripper.

'Nogh said.


Just switch them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


there is always that guy…who gotta die ! pick one ! :joy:


huhuh…tell us more lol


I literally thought Brodcast was just a mistype. LOL.


No… my thought was that each member of Brodcast would be a different Bro… like the Spice Girls…

Spicy Bro… Scary Bro…


The spicy boys or bois


Nicks gonna be my ro


Camp sites been attacked so MC orders a retreat to keep his meals safe. While escaping Nick and MC are the only ones left, but Nick takes two bullets to the leg. He falls down screaming in pain as blood streams from the wound.
Nick: MC help me please!!!

MC turns around and looks at Nick…
Then continues running.



End me please.



@No_This_Is_Patrick’s MC:


RuPaul? I love that stuff.


lololol admittedly my first choices in games are not the most thought out. But they ARE bitter and violent, so that’s… good?? Wait, no…

@rinari listen if you’re gonna making Brodcast a pun name, then legally you HAVE to litter every interaction with Barry (is his name i think?) with bro puns. Let us have broments with Barry I dare you


My crystal ball…tell meh…there is more in your futur…



MC: Barry Bower? More like Brorry Brower, amirite???

Barry: [to zombie] Kill me.