Apex Predators (WIP) (On Hiatus)

Ahhhh I need more of this! I’m interested in what will happen with Alissa – possible RO in the future? (if she ever manages to fly across the Atlantic haha)


Ah, thank you for this clarification! I didn’t know there was also a pen and paper version so this explains a lot! :laughing:

Thank you! And I think I’m planning for Alessa or Richard to show up in a sequel, but whether or not they’d be an RO is an interesting question! Richard is gay so he’d be the only gender-locked RO if that were to happen, haha, but I think I’d like them to stay MC’s close friend in any case. (Sorry if this is word-vomit, I’m just thinking aloud, haha.) Thank you for reading!


Okay, but now I’m all excited Sequel! Eeee!

Witness the MC giggling like a hyena as Richard is clued in on what his buddy is, and remembers where the two of them met.


In the meantime my mc (Goethe) is still stuck on a wall while the survivors are running outside.

Goethe: It’s going to be a long night.

Also, speaking of which- it would be cool if we could choose if our mcs could wear masks in-story!


Richard: (thinking of all the times MC refused to brush their teeth around him or smile when taking a photo)

Okay but Goethe is the most metal name I’ve ever heard for a vampire. I’m jealous!

Do you mean like gas masks or superhero masks? :slight_smile:


Superhero masks, it’s only fitting since your mc is a vampire in an apocalypse setting… But if not, gas masks will suit just fine

MC name: Goethe Irwa, AKA “Azazel the Shadow” in this continuity.


Well, a admittedly short demo that holds great promise. For in what I read I can say that I am…interested in a story with vampires in the zambie apocalypse for ever since watching the last episode of Deadliest Warrior of Vampires vs Zambies I’ve always wondered when someone was going to make a vampire in a zambies apocalypse…so I hope to see more of this since we all know, a Greek Vampire is the Worst, though sadly we can’t have a vampire in the early AD periods lol


Popping in to say I love what you have so far. Normally larger casts tend to confuse me, but you’ve made everyone so real and lifelike I have no trouble remembering who everyone is. My vampire is very fond of all their new human pets.

The only criticism I have is I have no idea what you’re describing in this passage:

Nick answers tersely, holding his gun in that classic cop carry—his wrist resting on his opposite wrist.

Guess 1?

But with more wrist-on-wrist action

Guess 2?

Minus the flashlight

Guess 3?

Those all seem like really awkward ways to hold your firearm when facing down zombie hordes, so I’m thinking that’s not what you had in mind?


Ah, thank you so much for the kind comments! And yeah, I was picturing this:
But I just asked my friend and he said that’s just how he sometimes carries his gun out of habit, but it’s not actually what cops typically do… so I’ll fix that sometime! Thanks for the catch haha!


Thank you everyone for 500 likes!

I’m very honored that people enjoy this little side project. :slight_smile: One day I’ll do a mini-game where you play as a zombie in celebration!


Hi everyone, I’ve launched a Patreon!

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I think worst thing to be in zombie crap thing go on is fight people you now I yes zombie are bad but people well we don’t no

Well the point behind a lot zombie fiction is that “people are the REAL monsters!” So it makes sense. Not sure how our favorite vampire-shaped wrench is going to change that though. They might just end up snacks for biting off more than they can chew. :thinking:


When your literal monsters are basically just humans with a disease that gives them severe brain damage to the point where they can’t use basic tools, and said disease is spread through something as exceptionally inefficient as biting it makes sense to make humans the “real” monsters. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not a criticism of this game of course.

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thank you for allowing me to play as an absolute idiot…a truly dumb vampire…


that definitely depends on which version of the zombie you are going for, like every zombie in the video game prototype have super strength and there’s more evolved version, and there’s some vampires out there that don’t even have any superpowers.


Truly, I never knew there was an audience out there who longed to play as a blood-sucking, super-strong immortal dumbass… I’m glad I could fill this niche! :joy::rofl: