Anyone who likes my idea can have it


When I was in the seventh grade my and my friends got together for a slumber party and we decided to play a game called pass on the story. I was thinking it would be silly, but it we actually had a dramatic well thought out story. It took us two years to continue and end, but it was great. We even came up with sequels and ended those too.

Anyways It was about us and we had graduated from high school and we had been saving up to take a summer trip to Japan and Really Long story short we get sucked into a manga and there is a whole background story to it and so much more.

I thought this would be good as a game, but i don’t really work well with actually writing things I was always the idea person. If anyone wants to make a game but doesn’t have an idea or at least planned out idea then we can message and i can tell you the whole story and see what can be done to make it into a great interactive story.

It’s been a long time since we were in seventh grade and me and my friends have a lot more stories than this one. So if you don’t like this one but like the sound of these others just ask.

My Road to Hell

Band Geek



and masks