Anyone looking for a new great MOBA game?!


Hey guys, I thought many players might be interested in getting involved in other new interesting MOBA games different to what they are now playing. So I decided to make such a suggestion, as it has been a while before I could find anything decent free to play myself. It is called Wind of Luck: Arena. Anyway, the game is to do with dynamic ship battles on the sea what I like the most about it, pirates and fighting each other using cannons and carronades :smile: It is a session-based game dedicated to naval battles of the age of sail warships. It’s a unique opportunity to feel like a commander or pirate captain in the midst of a furious sea fight. So anyone who likes naval battles or pirates would just really enjoy the game. :wink:


Is this one of those pay to win games?


No mate, this is absolutely a free game, you register on the site and just start playing with others all for free. The good thing is you can absolutely win without paying anything at all. This is what I like this game for :smile:


No buy gold/jewels to speed/do things? Cause those get old fast. If not then I may have to check It out


It’s not “pay-to-win” one, you can spend money to buy additional shipyard slots for your collection of ships, you can buy admiral account which ups your bounty by 50%, and purchase some unusual ammo that adds some variety to your battle options, but things that you can buy for gold aren’t straight better than these you can buy for in-game piasters


Just let me know once you’ve tried the game what you think :smile: We might even happen to be in the same battle