Anyone know about computers?


I want to build my own gaming computer but I m kinda fuzz on the details. So an help would be amazing!!! Heres what I got so far, please tell me if I m missing something.
The motherboard: Atx DDR3 1333 LGA 1150 (Z87-G45 Chip set)
Computer case: Cooler master elite 350 mid tower with 500 watt power supply.
LG 14x bluray/dvd drive/burner
Evga Graphic card gt 640 4096mb gddr3 single solt.
One TB hard hard.
Again an help would be awesome!! :slight_smile:


@GrimReaper21 What about your CPU? Also, I’d recommend using this site: to make sure everything will play nice with each other.


Intel its part of the chip set?


I3 intel


I’d probably suggest at least an i5, if not an i7 (or the AMD equivalents).
While you don’t want to buy cutting edge components (value/performance ratio is crap) you don’t want to get budget items that you’ll need to upgrade before two years is out either.

The i3 will begin to struggle with new games, if it doesn’t already. I have a 1st or 2nd generation i5 and that handles most things quite well, but an i7 will probably have you sorted for a few years to come. Splash out now and save money in the long run basically.

You may also want to consider a bigger PSU - although don’t just go off wattage, make sure the brand is decent too. It can be tempting to cheap out on the power supply (don’t!).


@fantom I wish I would have known about that site when I built my desktop a few years ago.


@GrimReaper21 When getting a PSU, make sure you get one that has a minimum bronze certification, though I’d recommend one that has gold if you can afford it.


@fantom Ok, so what should be looking for? This is my first time building a computer so yea…
@CJW For a cpu what about Fx-8320 8 core processor?


Seems good enough (not mind-blowing):

Make sure it’s compatible with your motherboard though, if you were planning on getting an i3, that won’t fit in the same slot.


@GrimReaper21 I don’t know how much power you need, but I’d say something like this would do you nicely. Another note worth mentioning when building your own computer, it’s a good idea to get the max warranty that you can get for everything, especially the core components (CPU, motherboard, PSU, graphics card, etc.).


Any suggtions on a graphics card?
But how do u know how much you need for the Power Supply?


Never mind about the power supply, I m blind and didnt see the est. Wattage in the corner of that web site. :slight_smile: lol


If you want to use it for gaming and you like high graphics you should get the geforce gtx 770 but its pretty expensive


Yea it is lol