Anyone interested in a pixie slaughtering game?

Hello all. You may recognize me from Light in the Darkness. While I’m still working on that, some recent activity on the forums got me thinking: would anybody be interested in a pixie slaughtering game? Here’s the plot:

It is two years after the catyclism. A magical portal opened up, causing an army of demons to spill forth and slaughter 90% of the population of your kingdom, Thalia. Who caused it, you may ask? The pixies. The government has announced the first annual pixie hunt to help prevent future cataclysms. Avenge your family’s death and achieve fame and fortune in my potential work in progress, Pixie Hunt. Who wants to join the hunt?


I want. It sounds like lot of fun and action!

Kil! Kill! Kill! Kill! And torture? Will be torture? I love torture! Is more fun than death!

This is a rather vague description. I mean, are you just hunting down and killing small flying women? Is it like some generic gritty mythological action reboot thing?

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But i don’t like to kill pixies for my family! I don’t give a shit about them!! I want to kill pixies for fun!!! :smile:

I suppose you could torture a pixie to find out where more are. I suspected you would like this game!

@Shoelip In this world, pixies are a race of small, winged sprites who are quite skilled at nature magic. They often enjoy tormenting human travelers, but no one suspected they would do something on this scale.

I love this description! Hahahaha!!! Mmmm…small flying womens! This image is fun for me. :smirk:

Ohohohohoho! :sweat_smile:
Gonna have to shy away from this one.

I’ve never been the same since watching pixies/fairies being devoured in Pan’s Labyrinth. :sweat:

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This is good to see. :joy:

The obvious solution would be a choice asking why the MC wants to hunt pixies/determining their background

In addition to “pixies have killed my family” and" just for fun" I’ll propose these:
-great hunter: pixies are the ultimate trophy.
-bounty hunter: just for the money
-mad scientist: wants pixies for experiments.
-knight in shining armor: protecting the innocents.
-fanatic: purge the world of unholy pixies (preferably with fire).
-convict (possibly poacher): hunt pixies or get executed.
-trained monkey: has been trained to hunt pixies. Don’t ask why. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Zane_Hiam how do you like these ideas?


Sadistic? I want sadistic please! :disappointed_relieved: i don’t have a belief! I want only to enjoy myself from this.

What if I don’t want to kill pixies? :frowning:

I will have magic powers? Or these will be only for pixies?

@Shoelip, I would suggest not playing the game in that senario.

Agreed on Pan’s Labyrinth… the way I see so many things has changed since that movie. Pixies/fairies included. :confounded:


Wow, thanks! Mind if I use that in the demo? Better yet, you can help collaborate, if you want.

@Abyss I extend the same offer to you, since you seem pretty into this.

Anyone else who’s interested: PM me and tell me your ideas and how you think you can help the project.

If you want advices with evil i can help, but only evil! And i know more about fantasy creatures(fantasy is my favorite setting) :smile:

You just made my day.

@Zane_Hiam Of course you can, I’ve posted them as a suggestion for you. If I have more ideas I’ll share them with you, either here or in a PM.

Thanks! I have trouble making options for an evil MC! And I need some help thinking of mystical creatures besides the pixies.