Any thoughts on Showdown at Willow Creek and Orpheus Ruse?


can afford one of them trying to decide
what did you like and dislike about either


You mean Orpheus Ruse and Showdown at Willow Creek?

Personally I can’t say.


yes those 2


I think it depends on your preferences. Showdown at Willow Creek has a more Old Western feel to it, and it’s simpler and shorter most CoGs, especially than say Tin Star or Zombie Exodus, but I thought it’s simplicity was enjoyable and cute. I’ve only played the demo for Orpheus Ruse but the story intrigues me just from that small portion and I plan on buying it later today and playing it through. It had a certain mystique and an attention getting world and abilities. I’d recommend just playing their demos first and then seeing which one you liked more.