Any recommended WIP interactive novels?

So if you are a working on a WIP novel right now, don’t try to sell out too much! I just see if anyone has read and recommends any good WIP novels. I believe it is good to share what we like in the community and this seems like a good thread! So you want to shout out a nice novel you’ve read, go ahead down below!

Try to mention who wrote the novel and link!

Authors plz try to recommend something besides your own material. Nothing against you, but I wish to see what readers think.

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Ehm… Only thing I’ve had the honor of seeing recently was this game called 1100 by FuLin.

The topic;

Well, I haven’t read a huge number of WiPs. But I think my main recommendations would be Monsters of New Haven High by @Sashira and Totem Force by @ParrotWatcher.

Monsters of New Haven High isn’t too far into the plot yet, but provides a good teaser. The main characters is a monster at high school, one of five different types of monsters, each with vastly different situations. Good hints of future drama yet to come.

Totem Force also has a teenage main character, but in this case with more of a superhero theme. It starts out quite light-hearted and maintains wonderful humor throughout; grimmer material does happen as it goes on (I won’t spoil the details), and it can get powerfully emotional, but it always keeps its warm nature, and has some incredibly lovable characters :hugging: This one is quite far along in the story, though there’s certainly a fair bit of ending yet to go.

Looking forward to seeing what else people have to recommend :smile:


Well my picks would be:
Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights by @Snoe a really good superhero game that feels like it does enough different and does it well to be unique. Also not too many games let you play as a trans character, this game does and I feel it does it well.

An office romance game by @CammyCamaro exactly what it sounds like, you work at an office and eventually will be able to try and get promoted and such, you can only play as female for the time being, but a male option has said to be coming.

United we stand by @AlexClifford1994 you play as either an MP of a faschist party or a more left leaning, socialist party during the 20’s.

Finally there’s my game A story in the city, did get a lot of negative criticism, but done a complete rewrite, and the feedback that I did get with this version was mostly positive. You play through as either a female or male questioning their gender dealing with mental health issues.

These yps differ in their levels of completion, but I find all of them fun to play :slight_smile: .


I’m surprised no one has mentioned: Guenevere

Another, due out soon is: Choice of Rebels

These two are WiP classics that most people should enjoy.


I’m sure I’m missing some and haven’t had a lot of time to play many of late but:
Highway Marshall/wars by adrao. Mad maxish fun. Looking forward to seeing where this one goes.
Beastie watch by fiogan. Original take on going off on monster hunts with lots of adventure and intrigue thrown in. Lots of fun. (And it has flaming land squids and so automatically gets my vote).
Highlands deep waters by MahatmaDagon. Trippy investigate game set in Scotland with Lovecraft influences. (Tip: check the stats page regularly).
The burden by dashingdon. Quirky well written wip with a kind of unusual choice of attire. (Or lack there of).

Edit: forgot the community bookshop game, another one to definitely check out :slight_smile:


Keeping to ones that haven’t been mentioned yet–

My personal favorite is Awoken by @Scribblesome, a fantasy where you play as a mage (with a pretty involved plot that the thread opening post does a better job summarizing than I could)

I’m pretty surprised nobody’s brought up @Eric_Moser’s Community College Hero Part 2 yet–it doesn’t necessarily fit with the others listed, since it’s a sequel to something that’s already been published, but it’s still a WIP on the forum and it’s still pretty fantastic.

And there’s Model Citizens: Unmasked, by @RenaB I know there’s been at least one update since I last played through the demo, but I really enjoyed it. The gist is that in a world with superheroes, you’re a journalist investigating them


@Eiwynn beat me to my personal favorite, Guenevere :grin:
Also, Freak Amidst the Neon Lights is really awesome, definitely try that one out.


Such a freaking good game, characters are stunning.

Okay, this one is the holy grail of demo’s. Action, supernatural drama, and loveable characters? Check!

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I would definitely recommend A Drop of Night, From Ashes We Rise, Children of the Gods, Totem Force and Diaspora.

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