Any other interactive fiction with romance?


Yeah so… this is usually my favorite part, but… I don’t want it to be all about love. Adventure is fun too!
It would be crazy epic if anyone found something like this.


Gun Mute ( may be your cup of tea, unless you don’t like homosexuality, Westerns, or linear games. It’s definitely one of my favorites.

Snowblind Aces ( is heavier on the romance and lighter on the adventure, but there’s an intriguing backstory.

Nightfall ( is more plot-heavy. I don’t remember so much about it, unfortunately, but I remember enjoying it.

Thousand Dollar Soul ( is something I’ve recommended on another thread. The real focus is on the plot, not the romance, and I personally think it’s fascinating.


oh my gosh! Thank you!
I will check them all out!


I could only play the last one, the others won’t work on my computer. D:


Whaaaat? No way. What operating system are you using, and do you have an interpreter?

In general, IF of that variety requires an interpreter. My personal favorite is Gargoyle ( for Windows and Mac. If you’re using Linux, I can do some digging.


do I need to download that?
I clicked on both links and I was left totally confused! xD


Yes, sorry for being so vague! You’ll need to download either gargoyle-2010.1-mac.dmg or gargoyle-2010.1-windows.exe (depending on your operating system) and then install them.

Then you’ll need to download the IF file, which in the case of Gun Mute is labeled ‘Story File.’ Snowblind Aces is found where the word ‘download’ is, and Nightfall’s story file is Nightfall.gblorb.

Then open the story file with Gargoyle and start playing.

Happy IFing!


That was super helpful!
I figured it out! Thanks!


Here you go. All of these stories have romance in them and I have personally played a few.


(Yes I know it’s been mentioned here in at least one other thread, but it fits.) It’s more about teen drama more than romance, and certainly not about *your* character’s romance (not that you can’t have any), but I think it something you might be looking for.


Thank you both!
I will check them all out!


Those seem like interestsing sites


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