Any games that have ice magic as an option


Title says it all. Frost or ice magic is fucking cool.


In From Ashes We Rise (WIP) you can select frost as your power.
In the Lost Heir trilogy you don’t choose every spell you use but sometimes you can use frost magic; same goes for Life Of A Wizard.

These are the ones that come to mind; surely there are more.


Thanks. Nice WLOP Ghostblade profile pic, love that series.


Ghostblade is awesome. I adore WLOP’s art style :heart_eyes:


Todoroki kun fever rising xD


I’m openly triggurd by this post. Wind magic is more kool.


Keeper of the Sun and Moon is another WIP that lets you have ice powers.


Energy manipulation ( electric magic ) is the coolest
Elements : The awakening (published) it


I would say “cold” but I still agree with “cool” :wink: