Any fantasy title you recommend


Making a story still on early stage, having hard time deciding title


Think you could be a bit more specific? “Fantasy” doesn’t tell as much as you think it would.


Yeah, what’s this about? War? Smithing? Pixie slaughtering?


“How the Pixies Became Extinct” seems like a good title!


I’ve always thought that would be a good game! Now think…story…pixie slaughtering… I’m sorry, what were we talking about again?


"You are the son or daughter of a town hunter and he has been teaching you the ins and outs of hunting wildlife. One day, you set aside a sweetrole to eat later while you go off with your dad to learn more about the art of creating little orphan rabbits, but when you return it is missing. Your little brother says a Pixie stole it and there’s no way he could have been lying about that so off you are on your quest to kill every Pixie to avenge your fallen sweetrole!"
Oscar worthy


Im still working on the story the only thing that happen is my village got attacked run away with my little sister rest in the middle of the forest thats all for now, i only start 2 days ago


Probably want to finish the story before you reach the naming stage


Why can’t anyone ever seem to have a sweetroll in peace? Is the world really that cruel?


I’ll finish the story first then, thank you


Oddly satisfying, killing pixies.


Isn’t pixie a little too easy


Dude, Pixies are serious trucking business. They’ll mess you up!


Depends on the pixie.


I’ll try putting pixies in my story


They could be evil pixies or they could be good pixies. And it all depends if you’re using Peter Pan version Pixies or D&D version pixies.


Nasty little sprites there only goal is to cause mischief.


Pixie actually kinda cute


It just makes killing them all the more satisfying >:D


What about fairy…