Anti-Mutant Academy (WIP Demo - Updated 6/14)

Honestly, I’d be much more upset when I found out I couldn’t romance best girl Magik. Though scrapping big purple robots is ok too, I GUESS!

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Good! Nearly done with the next update I was aiming for. Although been debating whether to add even more content to compensate for the long waiting time. Definitely still working hard on AMA though :grinning:


@PristineManiac4 can’t wait to see what you got, brother. Love this :blush:

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Always like coming back to this one every now n then


Update 5:
-Can recruit Ruth and Diego in Ch. 4 Intermission
-Reem’s Ch. 4 Quest now available
-Finished Ch. 4 and first half of Ch. 5
-Added Save feature from dashingdon

I live…again…! And I bring with me a 60,000+ word filled update…bear with the many upon many of typos and errors that will undoubtedly come up because it was extremely difficult just checking for errors on my own! Much of the update comes from different routes so I would suggest taking advantage of the new save feature I added and check it all out. 3 more updates left until AMA is finished…we’re almost there!

Let’s start with the bad news. Due to an inability to find an efficient way to make fight scenes that is a good medium between code and writing, I’m postponing Mutant Practice until future installments; they’re not important enough to the first book’s plot and this way, I can focus on more important things until it becomes a necessity. Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to it after I teased the option for so long!

The dashing don saving feature! I have a question for all you technologically advanced individuals, will these saves disappear after the next update? I would love to avoid the super complicated ‘fill in your stats’ I have added in the beginning of the game…but I will continue it if I must! :wink:

I’m going to be honest, I already forgot most of what I wanted to say after I’ve been planning this update message for one and a half years. I’m sure I’ll remember and will mention it in a future message. Until then, enjoy! Thank you all very much for the occasional comments and letting me know you return to this game even after the long wait. It means so much to me :smile:

This update’s poll is simply about who you are romancing up until now and who you intend to romance throughout the series! There may be a fun little romantic scene this update so I would wait until after playing first!

Who are you romancing?
  • Casen
  • Ruth
  • Jay
  • Anni
  • Diego
  • Tahlia
  • I’m waiting for more Romance Options
  • Currently undecided
  • I’m not romancing anyone!

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Finally!!! thanks for the new update can’t wait to meet Ruth again i love that adorable tsundere tomboy with all my heart. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Welcome back author :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Why does the demo end after the partnership with Anni just before the intermissions? I thought there is an update?

There was a simple yet painful coding error. It should be fixed now. Unfortunately you’ll have to click the skip to update 5 choice once entering the game and then go through the in-depth or quick selection options to get your stats back. (Unless you had a save file? Not sure if that works.) I created an extra option to skip directly to Ch.3 intermission instead at the end of it for you or anyone else that had this error.

Sorry about that! :slightly_frowning_face:


I’m really enjoying the story so far! Chase just had to go and break my character’s little heart though :’ D Tbh the only character I currently enjoy interacting with is Amos x) Otherwise I don’t plan on romancing the current RO’s.


When I noticed Chase getting positive reception in the earlier demos, I was both dreading yet also looking forward to reaching this part of the game! Glad you’re enjoying the story :grinning:


It was very long time since I played it…very long time…And I absolutely love it…And I noticed that there is no customization for the mc…In future will you add customization and can anyone tell me who the RO’s are it will be a great help


The romance options are Ruth, Anni, Tahlia, Casen, Jay, and Diego for now. More will be added in the future. As for customization, I may add physical attributes like hair color and height in a second draft of this game or the next installment. You will be able to customize your personality gradually throughout the series, but it’s only shy/outgoing for the first game!

I’m so happy that you’re still enjoying AMA despite the long silence :smile: Thanks for reading!