Anti-Mutant Academy (WIP Demo - Updated 6/14)

Hahaha, solid comparison!

Is this story still an ongoing progress or did the author drop the project altogether or maybe just on hiatus?

Good question

@Sakura_Higanbana28 @AMER1CANN1NJA09 Very much alive and ongoing! (Slowly but surely) working through finishing chapter 4 in the next update. Since I decided on longer but less frequent updates, there shouldn’t be that many left until the first draft is finished!


Oh, cool! I’m looking forward of meeting Ruth again she’s the best girl/RO In my opinion.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


It’s been awhile, so how old is the MC again(I remember it’s around 16)? And how old do you think they will be at the end?

Your character is 13 throughout this game! I’m not going to commit to an amount of books until I’m finished with the first one, but the worst case scenario will be 15 and 19 is the best case scenario. You’ll age a year with each release


dang and I thought i was crazy aiming for seven books

We’re both crazy :joy:

true that

When can we expect the part where we develop a relationship with our chosen Love Interest you know romance?

The end of this game is when you’ll be able to choose an official romance route if you so choose and if your relationship with them is high enough (You will have other opportunities if you’re still testing out the waters by then). I wanted to allow the reader time to get to know the characters so they don’t feel rushed to pick someone immediately.

I’m a big fan of romance myself though, so I guarantee you that you’ll get plenty of romantic moments after that scene to make up for the long wait!


That’s great to know. I’m looking forward to it already can’t wait. I for one won’t feel rush since i have my eyes set on a certain someone for a long time (I’m looking at you Ruth):eyes:. But damn that’s a long way to go till the end oh well I’m sure it’s worth it. Besides CYOA games without romance feel lacking and hollow to me.

Romance options help me immerse into choice of games as well, so I can relate to that. There’s only a couple chapters left, but I’ll make sure that there are still flirting options between the characters until then; particularly with Ruth since she seems to be pretty popular so far :slightly_smiling_face:


Just a friendly advice i suggest please back up your files since lost data are common nowadays due to either being corrupted, bug or accidentally deleted without recovery options leading to the author losing heart to code it again and dropping the project altogether.
I recommend uploading it to cloud, drive or other online saving platforms.


Just gave it a go. It was pretty good for the most part. Only real issue I had was the awkward introduction and dialog with Jay. I chose that I was attracted to woman, but my character thought and told him that he was attractive. What gives? :thinking:


Whoops, I’ll fix that. Thanks for the heads up!


Will you be able to add save slots?
Also in the end of chapter 2 there’s a typo
Casen received two more of your pillows before he finally escaped the room with laughs that echoed across the house. Sure your brother was annoying but even you couldn’t help but crack a smile.

Yes, I’m going to figure out how to add saves along with the next update. Thanks for the typo, I’ll fix it!


How’s it going @PristineManiac4 ?

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