Anti-Mutant Academy (WIP Demo - Updated 6/14)

@Kevaughn_Bailey Oh wow, firstly: thank you very much! These are very detailed suggestions and I appreciate the effort put into improving my story!

I’m definitely holding characterization at upmost importance and I feel like intermissions will be enough to differentiate the two characters despite starting with the same letter. There’s still a lot of game left and my goal is for people to grow attached to the characters enough to remember them even after they’ve finished the game…although I must admit, it might just be myself growing attached to the names and being too stubborn to change them :rofl: If people are still getting confused further in the game then I’ll definitely do a name change.

These are all great ideas although some of it does conflict with the story which I obviously haven’t revealed very much of yet. The reason I have guards go out into the city is to create a major difference to the other occupations gameplay wise, which is why I wanted Guards to be an entire different style of gameplay in which you’re personally searching for the enemy rather than sneaking around like a scavenger. I wouldn’t want them to stay back around the border because that won’t give as much of a difference in gameplay possibility and I feel that’s more of a downplayed version of what Guard would be. I must admit though, I’m strongly considering changing a few of the names to your superior suggestions, hopefully that’s alright!

As for adding more jobs, I want each route to have a major difference in the story depending on which one you choose so I have to make sure they’re completely different from each other! I took quite a bit of time considering more possibilities but these were the only ones I could come up with that I felt I could expand upon as much as I want to.

I’ll definitely consider the talents and exam ideas you came up with as well! Sorry for the essay length response, I enjoyed your suggestions a lot and couldn’t hold back :grin: Thank you again and I’d appreciate anymore feedback you might have to the reasons I just stated or as I update the story in the future!


I believe you can write a storyline to not make the role guard so dull
Eg. You can make the city occasionally be attacked by one or two mutants now and then, nothing too serious but guards having fun killing them , might be a rarely casuality in it as well.
Also guards can also go on escorts mission as well
Diplomats will need guards on the road or in other city , u can’t send soldiers as they are too hot headed and might compromise the mission.
But guarding is not so boring if u do some good brain storming

A lot of role I suggested sound similar but I’ll tell the difference between them

Guard - Soldier

Guard is more discipline,Calm, and is very good at protecting and will risk his life for greater good
Probably could have a high honor skill for them
Great fighters as well, they are also heavily armored and they suffer in speed for that, they also have a average level of intelligence.

Soldier - Best fighters,hot headed ,more likely indiscipline than all other classes,pretty always want a fight, pretty much a killing machine,most are not that intelligence , however some soldiers have two talents and its normal for some have the guard talents as well.

Scavengers - average fighters ,average at cunning,great skill in tracking, searching and scouting , very fast ,sharp eyes,sharp ears,have a good amount of intelligence probably a good passing in the intelligence test 60-70%.
Normally have a second talent as either soldier,guard or rarely a diplomat

Diplomats - high intelligence 70%-80%, very cunning,high level of persuasion,poor fighters 40%-30% still can swing a sword or shoot a rifle though lol,great merchants normally the ones that represent the army in political issues.

Scholars - don’t even mention fighting too horrible, smartest person’s around town , inventors,engineers,doctors,historians high level of intelligence 81%-100% , top officials in the city,
Normally have a second talent as a diplomat

Knights these persons have 3-4 talents out of the 6
They normally head the field they are stronger in
So the head scientist is a knight, head guard ,head diplomat etc. They also assist other fields from time to time.
Only a true warrior can think of a perfect weapon to kill a mutant but soldiers aren’t that smart,this is were the knight comes in , great at fighting ,great at inventing stuff = making the perfect or more effective weapons

Love the ideas, I’ll take them into consideration while I continue mapping the story and such. Thanks again for the help!


Have been thinking of a nice name only got 4
Paladin academy
Valiant academy
Academia Valor
Stringent academy


Welcome back and good game, i cannot wait to see the final version

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Thank you! Have another update coming sometime at the end of this month :grin:


Update 2 Released

  • End of Chapter 1 and first half of Chapter 2.
  • Take part in your first three classes at AMA.
  • Interact with more students that you’ll either love or hate.
  • Carefully strategize your Energy use to partake in Intermission, now with an extra choice and more explorable locations.

Wanted to give a special shout out to @CreedH00d for the Anti-Mutant Academy idea and @Kevaughn_Bailey for the updated names ideas of Guard and Traveler into Soldier and Diplomat!

There isn’t much “gameplay” in this update because I consider the game to still be in the introductory stage so there’s still quite a bit of world building and character introductions going on. To give you a better idea, I’m planning for the game to have 6-8 chapters with chapter 3 and 4 being the transition from a tutorial sort of part of the story to more important choices and gameplay. So please bare with me until then!

Also wanted to run a poll to see how frequently those interested in AMA want an update! Keep in mind that I have 6-8 total chapters planned and I do intend to lengthen those chapters as we go on, so they won’t be as short as the first two. Wanted to add that I completed this update within the next month of the last update so it could vary on how big it is depending on my work ethic and how busy I am that month. Thanks for reading!

  • Update at least every month (Little content but more updates)
  • Update multiple sections of a chapter whenever finished (Middle ground)
  • Update after every chapter (Less updates, plenty of content)

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too bad anni’s not in the same class as the mc. she’s a pretty interesting character. i like it when disabled characters don’t angst or be gruff about their situation and instead stay happy and try to make the best of it. reminds me of my late grandma.


I’m glad you like her! Anni plays a pretty big part in Chapter 3 in particular based on your choices so she’ll still be a main character in the story despite being in a different class :slightly_smiling_face:


Playing through it right now and so far enjoying it, when its talking about Chase returning from Soldier duty it says Casen instead

Fixed the typo, thank you!


Just finish the game and enjoying it. I honestly think the games is underrated and deserve more attention in this forum. Also take your time and stay healthy

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Thank you so much, that means a lot! Stay safe and healthy as well :smiley:


I really like your writing of the story and enjoyed playing the demo. I can’t wait to learn more about the characters as well, like Jay and Anni. I do have a question though, you can pick between three options on how your MC’s relationship with Chase, will that affect the book going forward? For example if you chose the option you still care for him but it’ll take time to regain the relationship have slightly different dialogue versus choosing you haven’t forgiven him throughout the book? Or we’re those options just to set our rank relationship with him?


Thank you for the feedback!

While that choice was ultimately made to set your relationship rank with Chase, your rank creates both a subtle change in dialogue as well as bigger consequences when it comes to important choices in the future resolving around Chase. Rank 1 vs Rank 2 will involve more subtle differences compared to 2 or 1 vs 0 but there will still be noticeable differences between all three, the same being said for all characters’ ranks.


I have noticed several typos. I will state what I noticed first and then post a picture below.

I personally think it would be better to say “This will also give” instead of “This was also give”.

Instead of saying “was in the shape of a U” try saying “is in the shape of a U”.

Uh oh, typos…my greatest weakness :sweat_smile: Appreciate the help! These will be fixed in the next update.

Okay, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I found some other ones but forgot to take pictures of them so I had to go back and take pictures

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