Anti-Mutant Academy (WIP Demo - Updated 5/13/24)

Major mistake on my end! Just realized when looking for the error that I started the update during the Chapter 5 intermission rather than right before it, which is where the previous update ended. I fixed it and would strongly suggest replaying it to get some context you might have been confused about. :man_facepalming: Rough one.

As for @Hector_Lopez, I noticed an error at the end of chapter 5 (spoiler) if you successfully rip the mutant’s eye out.. If that’s not the same error than I will have to continue looking.

Everyone please save often! As I said, very convoluted coding for me so there will be technical difficulties.


great to see this return! been waitin!

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Same here one of my fav wips glad to see your writing again

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I found a bug, it’s in the part where I tried to recruit Ruth for the part where you enter the academy at night, the game for some reason thinks I rejected Ruth when I didn’t, I went with her that time, in fact she is with whom I have the most developed friendship relationship, although the game seems to believe that this is not the case.

Phenomenal job on making characters believable and unique. The world building is great and i’m sure it’ll only get better. Only one thing is preventing me from truly enjoying this one. Even though I always hung out with Ruth, the game is telling me we’re enemies. 60% affinity with her and I can’t lock her in for anything. Same with the level 12 students scene. When I ask chase about the incident, my character acts as if he wasn’t there. My choices aren’t being tracked.

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Longest week ever, eh?

I love seeing a return like this. Something new for me to rip into? Yes please.

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@Robert_Snead1 Thank you for the feedback! I fixed the error where the game doesn’t process which route you choose for the second half of chapter 5. Someone else had the same Ruth problem, so the rest of this reply is mostly for you as well.

@silvana_Valencia Did Ruth have a 0 rank when this happened or did you have 1 with her? I noticed an error back in chapter 2 where the very first option to speak with Ruth can result in going down to rank 0 if choosing the wrong one and that’s been fixed. Otherwise I’ll keep looking.

I’m unable to click the screenshot you sent, it might help if you were able to give it another shot sending that!


Yeah, about that screenshot, I try but I dont know what its happeming with this think, I cannot make screenshots, anyway, my relashionship with Ruth was actually good in that point, like I said before, she acts like I turned down her invitation to spend some time together from the first few chapters and no, I didn’t, basically it’s like I haven’t developed my level of friendship with her at all.

I dunno this giving me attack on titan/god eater vibe.

There is repeated dialogue quest from the flower quest that still not fixed.

@silvana_Valencia I changed some code and played through the game myself and didn’t have an issue recruiting Ruth. So hopefully the problem is fixed now. Having a rank 1 with her and over 50% relationship bar should make her recruitable no matter what choice you make during her recruitment. (Unless you make the choice mentioning Casen, which is an instant no even if she loves you.)

@G_Kagara That wasn’t the intention, but I love Attack on Titan so even the slightest comparison makes me happy :sunglasses: The bug regarding the flower quest has been fixed. It will now remember if you completed the quest or failed and are attempting it again.

The walled city setting and strict hierarchy within the walls and the fact it’s being besieged by Mutant is what giving it that attack on titan vibe.

The combat however is like God eater, can’t just slash whatever you want there is exact way/weakness as to how fighter defeat the Aragami for example, like in story here to defeat Grime you take the eyes out or slash arm to cripple it offensive capabilities, same with God eater Aragami to kill Kongou for example you need to hit the head but to disable it you hit the back, as other parts of body possess regenerative ability or tough armor that bounce your attack, it’s god eater esque or maybe monster hunter as well.

Just a question, I came back to this after a long while, and I just wanted to know. Will we be 13 throughout the story? Or will there be time skips? Thanks in advance :grin:

Can anyone tell me about crazy cory safe password and also mr liang computer password?

Welcome back :heart_eyes:

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@G_Kagara Good points! Mutants have potential to be so unique so I definitely want to create different weaknesses, strengths, and powers for each of them when it comes to combat especially.

@Akira The characters will age a year with each book. Now as far as how many books there will be, I think I’ve given a different answer each time someone has asked :joy: But I have made up my mind that the official answer is 6 books. So your character will be 18 years old in the final one.

@Ragil_Zarqoo The reward for guessing Crazy Cory’s safe password hasn’t been written yet, so I’ll wait to reveal that one until next update. (You can technically check the coding to figure it out but I know nobody would do such a heinous act!) Mr. Liang’s computer password is Alya24. I don’t think that one’s possible to guess yet, I’ll have to give hints on the second draft.

@Otaku_Mode Thank you :smiley:


That was pretty fun! I enjoy the way intermissions work and I do like that Casen gets some character growth after that climax. It was worth trying to keep him in line after all!

I don’t really have much criticism except it’s kind of confusing if the stats like strength and agility really matter. I assume they will be more relevant in future books?

Anyway overall, I liked how the characters have fairly diverse personalities and I’m curious to see if Chase is just paranoid about this mastermind having it out for him or not.

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Thanks for the kind feedback!

Those stats do play a part during the Grime scene in the library. You’ll last longer with higher strength/agility and intelligence gives you hints on the correct decisions to make throughout if your strategy is to charge or distract the mutant. Otherwise they’re not the focal point of the stats, so they mostly change some dialogue and optional choices. They’ll become more important later on in the series when action is more prevalent.

Very glad to hear you enjoyed it though, one of the positives of writing young protagonists is the major opportunity for growth, especially in a series :smiley:


My relationship with my brother is so bad it’s negative… first time seeing a negative relationship… it’s great! hahaha

I’m enjoying the game!

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Hello !

I really enjoyed the demo!
Now just a small question/feedback:
the relationship bar with Casen was more than a 100 (126 to be precise) during the hospital scene (after the mutant fight), but afterwards in the final tournment it went back to 0.
Would that have an effect on the game?

Keep the good work!

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