Anti-Mutant Academy (WIP Demo - Updated 5/13/24)

First one is during your first class with Mr. Liang “Even the most stubborn kid in the plant” I would recommend changing it to “Even the most stubborn kid ON the planet”

“With his feet pounding your teacher makes his” instead of “your teachers makes his”

Not sure if I already mentioned this one but here it is. Try “a response like that, much less flat out say it” instead of “a response like that, much or less flat out say it”

This next one also happens in Mr. Liangs class. Try “handing a textbook to every student” instead of “handing the a book to every student”

This next one happens in Ms. Wavras class. Try “ types of mutants and” instead of “types of mutants ad”


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Update 3: Back with another update! …You thought this game was dead? I don’t blame you, but hopefully this reassures you that while the wait may be a little long, I fully intend to complete it in its entirety. The update is around 30,000 words (First 2 chapters are 48,000) and includes the end of chapter 2 and maybe about 80% of chapter 3. I expect for there to be 6 chapters total, but each one is going to be longer than the last so I’m nowhere near done yet.

The bad thing about being an unexperienced writer creating the same project for so long is that your writing style may change. I take a more present tense approach with chapter 3, which is very different than the first 2 chapters. I’ll have to go back and edit them eventually but I do want to focus on creating new content so please bear with it for a little while if you notice the change!

The update finishes at the chapter 3 intermission. Please leave feedback on the story, the characters, and let me know of any typos or errors you find. I appreciate it very much and am already working on finishing up chapter 3!

Side note: I was hoping to get a better idea on everyone’s receptions of the main characters so please vote in the poll to let me know who is your favorite so far! I suggest playing through the update before you vote though as there is quite a bit of character development (introduction is probably a better word for it) and might change your opinion.

Who’s your favorite character so far?

  • Casen
  • Ruth
  • Tahlia
  • Diego
  • Chase
  • Miss Wavra
  • Mr. Liang
  • Anni
  • Jay

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Welcome back @PristineManiac4

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ey, good to know you’re still kicking. great update btw, this is starting to feel like a full-fledged adventure game. pretty ambitious. also like the show, don’t tell aspect of showing the mc’s young age. like the hilarious “old lady in her 30s” line. you really have a knack for portraying the mc’s child/early teen personality in a subtle, enjoyable way. kudos!

oh yeah, one more thing, i absolutely love beck, especially the ice cream bar. makes me wish we had one around my parts.

edit: i checked out the code if ya dont mind, and i saw a bit of an issue where ruth always introduces you to sol as a jerkwad since it checks for ruthr>1 instead of ruthr=1


I gotta say, you have a very ambitious and complex project here, so I’m sure it will take a long time to be finished. However I really like what you have so far!

The story, the characters, the many things you can do during the game, it’s going slowly but steadily.

I’m sure it will be an amazing game, best of luck with your work!

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@snas I appreciate the kind words and I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I just had to add the ice cream bar because it sounds like every kids dream…as well as my own :joy: I am glad it’s giving off an adventure vibe though, I’m trying to create a different style game than the others here so far; it’s definitely taking a lot of experimenting.

Good catch with the code, I’ll fix that right now!

@Daxterix Thank you so much! It’ll take a little while to figure out exactly how I want to execute the game aspect of it, but as for the story: I have a pretty good idea on where I want to take it and the slow burn will definitely pay off! :smiley:

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I havent seen everything yet, but I liked what I did, so here’s a couple things:

-Chapter q says Solider. Chapter 2 says Soldiers. Is it a typo for the first or the second?

-Meeting Ruth’s brother is pretty weird if you hanged out with her, considering you already knew Sol was her brother, and she still calls you a jerk wad even if you tried to help her.

Italic is not working here

“Oli Oli ix”

Perhaps the first typo I accidentally made one or the other plural/singular? I’m not entirely sure what the specific issue is but I’ll read through and double check on that. The Sol thing is a coding error on my part, it’ll be fixed in the next update!

Other two typos I just took care of, thanks for pointing them out! (And a special thanks for making your name ‘Spoon’ :joy: I love it!

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Damn I need more sleep. Its chapter 1 solider and chapter 2 soldier. No plural singular wrong, its the -sol-di-er and so-li-der.

EDIT: “all in a day’s work for Doctor Spoon!”
That got me so hard

EDIT 2: when Ruth visits you in your house, she says she’s only there “because of our brother”, should be your.
Skipping to chap 3 gives you no skill points.

When you are bandaging Ruth’s leg, she speaks up after you poor some hydrogen, should be pour

Also I dont need more sleep, so heres an actual feedback

Needs more Chase interactions. The end. Jk this is amazing, I liked everyone a lot, specially Casen, a very nice BFF, for a 13 years old, the setting has a good potential for a long book/series, and some interactions changing with your personality is cool, even if I was very surprised in my non-shy run that taking the middle ground with Ruth and Casen favors Casen while the shy MC gets more points with Ruth, very nice,
Some parts could be more fleshed out later, such as how MC can choose to feel about being absolutely under Chase’s shadow, have Ruth remember she said she would find you during break time (or something) if you hanged out with her, the first skill point is also kinda confusing, I had no idea it would give a point so I only realized I got it way later, still it was a very good way to improve stats, much better than the “Me stronk, me smart, me fast” options that we usually get (I just dont see how shooting back at the bully is a sign of intelligence).

Overall, Im giving you the highest award I can, a bookmark. I know, its a meme, but seriously, I’m really looking forward to more of this, and maybe playing matchmaking for Diego and Tahlia, or even Chase and Sophie (better chances than Ayla), then we’ll get to discuss who’s better at it with big bro. .

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Thank you for the detailed feedback, it’s very helpful! You make some good points so I’ll go back and makes some edits to fill some of those holes in the story and code. I appreciate the kind words, it gets me really excited to start working on new content!

As for the matchmaking…if I end up making this a series, you’ll be able to choose romances between multiple characters but don’t tell anyone :shushing_face:


100 points achievement: all of them.


Good to see you back
Its been a while now

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really hope this happens, cuz while the young teen pov is really nice and a unique take, it would be even nicer to see them grow up and develop their characters and relationships through the years. this world’s got a ton of potential


I had a lot of fun playing this. It’s very promising, and I love the amount of things you can do, with the whole free time idea, the quests (even though not implemented yet) and so on. I like having freedom.
I also love Chase a lot. You can’t imagine how happy I am when a game features a sibling relationship you can actually make grow, with an associated stat and so on.

I have stumbled upon a couple of typos here and there, but I’m tired and I kind of forgot to make a memo about these, sorry.
I have two other things to point out though, so may as well do that!

  • When playing as a boy MC and waiting for Liang to arrive for the first lesson with him, a Diego startles the MC. He apologizes, and if your MC is attracted to boys, you can select the very shy last option. If you do, the follow up is:
    “Your evident embarrassment only seems to further Diego’s shyness.”
    But well, at that point the MC doesn’t know the name of the boy. He literally says he should introduce himself right after!

  • Why is Jay at relationship rank 0 at the beginning? The tutorial said it meant “enemy” if I recall correctly, but I didn’t feel real animosity at any moment. And I think he’s literally the only rank 0 character (since the actual enemies the MC has are not among the characters who have actual relationship levels). I’ve even checked out MC’s relationship with him at Oli Oli’s, and she said something along the lines of Jay not differenciating between true friendship and base kindness at this point, but that it can change in due time. So again, nothing bad.

Also, small question: are you planning on adding more romanceable characters in the future? Just curious!

Anyway… It was an awesome WIP! I can’t wait for things to truly pick up!


Thank you for the feedback, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Both of those are errors, the Diego interaction and Jay’s rank will be fixed next update. Appreciate it :smile:

Right now the only romances are Ruth, Tahlia, and Anni for the girls and Casen, Diego, and Jay for the boys when it comes to this game. However, I do intend to add at least one more of each gender if there are future installments.

There won’t be an abundance of more options mostly because you’ll be able to choose who other characters pair up with eventually but that being said, I am verrrrrrrry big on romance, so I can imagine adding more choices based on reader feedback on certain characters in the future.


Played the demo and loved it… I hope you will not abandon this project as I love it.

I’m glad you enjoyed the game! I have no intention in dropping the project; updates will just more than likely be few and far between while I learn how to code and attempt to improve on it. Thank you for the support :smile: