Animals and humans


Isn’t that the point of the syndrome though? :thinking:


You’ve misunderstood me :slight_smile: . These are animals I’ve released that are now wild and stay wild. No cages. Most do disappear, but there are a few that just return from time to time to say hi, or if they’re about remain unafraid and don’t run/fly away when I’m around. Sometimes they’re not even hungry so it’s not food. I’ve sometimes given them something to eat and they just drop it. There’s one in particular that will sometime go missing for over 6 months when his flock moves about. He’s free to come and go however he wishes.

Even my pet birds (which are both ones I’ve gotten from other people, because they were sick or injured and wouldn’t be alive if I hadn’t agreed to take them.) Are let out of their cages every day. I’m not a fan of confining animals to cages 24/7. Still even when out, they’ll often either fly over to me if I’m around, or return to their cage much like I’d return to my room after I’ve had enough. It’s not a punishment area, they have their bed, toys and food there.

I used to let my horse out into neighbouring paddocks to have a wander, and bring a book or computer down with me if I had to get some work done so she could have a change of scenery/fresh grass. Even though she could go anywhere, she usually ended up grazing close to where I was sitting rather than hang out with other horses or wandering off by herself. I could upload pictures that have been taken of her half asleep with her head/neck resting over my shoulder- not posed, no restraints, often not even even in her own paddock. When she saw me walking in, she’d call out to me and run down to the gate regardless of if I had a bag of food with me or not. Not exactly the behaviour of one being made to do anything or seeing me as a captor.

Again, you guys really need to read up on animal behaviour. Most dogs want to be in a pack, they don’t want to be out on their own. It’s not Stockholm syndrome like people get, its the way they’ve evolved to behave.

For anyone interested in how domestication can change animals so that wolves no longer = dogs, you should go watch this documentary.


this is just my thoughts so don’t bash me on it
animals have a varying intelligence, without humans animals could survive on their own, and keeping pets inside all the time makes for example, a dog that is domesticated would have a harder time adjusting to being homeless than a dog raised homeless or vice versa where a homeless dog may be harder to domestic than a dog already born in a human household.
but also cats and dogs can remember a human by their scent so they can tell the different between someone hostile and not, for example say you picked on a cat for years to the point of where they hiss and scratch you, you can leave the cat for years and come back and the cat starts sniffing you to recognize Hey! this is the human that ticked me off all the time.


In the meantime I read of this amazing dog called Hachiko who waited a long time for his owner to come back… If that isn’t dedication, Hachiko’s at least very loyal to his owner!

Or if you don’t like dogs and prefer cats instead, read about Tama the cat train-station master at Wakayama station! I find it incredible that a cat can hold a human job! :star_struck: