Animal pictures/memes (Read OP before posting)


Alright I’m making this because i really like cute animal pictures/memes so here’s one and post any pictures of cutes animals


Here’s more


Have you seen the pet thread yet? I think you might feel at home there :smiley:


Damn It i thought i was original
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I think you’re original - that thread is people’s pets, this one is cute animal pictures and memes. We can never have too many happy threads imo and also on this thread I can post pics of Amazon River Otters:


ETA: Not my picture, I have never had the privilege of introducing myself to these majestic creatures.


They truly are majestic


Me when people talk behind my back:


He looks like a fluffy snowball



Yes just… Yes :smiley:


Dun nu nu nu BATDOG


Good job mr.rabbit


That means YOU!


Are you telling me to close the thread?


Can you please answer the question because if so I’d like to know why


No. I was posting an image meme.

Continue on, as you were.


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Does this remind anyone of the three musketeers a little but in animal form?


Don’t care what anyone says, for me bush babies will always be the cutest animals ever :stuck_out_tongue: .



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