Android Help Please!


Help! I have an android tablet. I’m absolutely useless with it though and I just tend to get more and more frustrated when trying to use it for what I got it for.

On my PC, on Notepad++ I can do a split screen down the middle so that I have stuff I’m coding on the left hand side, and a file with any notes and comments I have on the right hand side of the screen. It means no need to tab back and forth between them since I can read them both at the same time. Being able to do this sort of thing also means that I can play a game on half the screen and use the other to type up notes. Can I do this on my tablet and if so how?

I tried coding on the tablet. I bought a keyboard but it seems to be in a US format, whereas my tablet thinks the keyboard is British and either way, I can’t find the hash # key so I can make choices. Any ideas how to fix this?


Android still doesn’t offer proper multi-window multitasking, but you can get it with a third-party tweak. All you need is root access — you don’t have to install a custom ROM.

Note that Multi-window multitasking is found on some Samsung devices, where it only works with specific apps.

Of course try this first: An “Edit” button can be found of the bar that will allow you some customization. However, there are only a limited number of apps that support MultiWindow officially.

If you really want your android tablet to do split screen then you can root your device and use one of the many hacks that allow the use of any installed app in MultiWindow and Floating Window modes. (If done please note that some apps will have some problems if used with split screen mode.)

I don’t use keyboards so I can’t help at that, but I think there is a setting menu for the language of the keyboard and the tablets recognition. I think it’s located at the Language & keyboard setting, then you can select the keyboard & input methods menu.


Thanks so much. That’s been really, really helpful. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for earlier. I picked the Samsung Galaxy Note specifically because it was supposed to allow multi-screens and I just couldn’t work out how. I’ve been feeling so stupid about it, and doing root stuff with it sounded terrifying.

I’ll have a look in the menu too for the keyboard stuff, thanks. I’ve been assuming that the settings would just change the keyboard on my screen, not the actual keyboard connected. But I should have at least tried it out.

Thanks so much.


Glad to help and rooting is something I would really recommend to people who are familiar with it, If not please find someone to assist because usually people break their OS if they try and fail doing the root.

If you’re having difficulties on switching the Multi Window on Samsung here is a link to operate it.


I want to thank you so much. My tablet can now work as a mini-laptop with a split screen and is finally serving its intended purpose. I can play a choice game in one half of the screen and make notes with my keyboard on the other. It’s great. I’ve still a few minor issues to iron out but you gave me the tools I needed to do so.