An upcoming new game

Erodia: The Lost Legion

"You are in the middle of an ancient war… predicted by the Sayúnir— beings nearing god-like status. You had nothing to do with it, but now you have everything to do with it.

Will you end the enemy’s terror? Or will you be the one to bring it to full bloom?
Become the Sayúnirs’ chosen, or be the thorn on their side. Reveal the secrets of Erodia, and finally meet Him."

This game is a work-in-progress— still sorting out some chinks.


not really… The main plot is not about being the Sayúnirs’ chosen one,
it’s about achieving another goal (of which I can’t tell you what said goal
is). Think of a whole new planet, with new creatures, wrapped in a thick
cloak of mystery. Fantasy, adventure, a hint of cliff hangers and a secret
waiting to be revealed. There’s a lot more, but I’ll add on about it a
while later.

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sounds like a cool idea

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