An Unexpectedly Green Journey (orc life-simulator) (WIP) [97K UPDATE, 1st December 2023, 972K Words Total]

The update sounds lovely from the description you’ve given and hopefully you’re feeling well and take all the time off you need to process stuff! Have a lovely day!


I send my condolences to you and your family, and thank you for the many wonderful features you continue to add to this game and quick question concerning the demon path, is there a way to make one of the three demonic deities to turn over my side when i choose to rebel against them and decide to take their throne


The shamans, on appreciation of a cucumber’s rather slender form, have concluded that they must devour more halflings to be considered analogous to their brethren. At present, a cucumber resembles a goblin with their arms, legs, ears and noses chopped off. Rather charming!

@Chickenboy11 @Elemental

Thanks, fellow orcs for the sentiments. Enjoy the update. Let me know if anything doesn’t work how it should- especially if the stat’s screen doesn’t report properly on who you have in your adventuring band.

You can work with the demonic deities. The Lord and The Lady are possible allies. If I remember correctly, you can pray to them during the final battle and if you meet certain criteria, they might side with you later. The Lord respects a warrior’s strength, the Lady requires an oath and a gift. Remember, demons are treacherous. An alliance may not work out… But, you can be treacherous too.



I… I did not expect to be out here in 2023, pulling an all nighter just to play a no romance cog about ORCS!?! AND I EVEN TEARED UP SIS, WTH?! This was. This was a journey. Bloody hell. I felt like I got sucked into GoT’s playing on the “King of Orcs” route. I’m overwhelmed by how entertaining this is for somebody so obsessed with charisma-focused stories with lots of kissing, that I can’t even explain myself.

You’re a powerful writer to pull somebody like me in with this short attention span… And I think you scare me?


PS: I think I accidentally created Voldemort pre-nose-loss using that dragon scale and “culture” as a successor??? Low-key a little scared for my peoples future, but RIP I guess.


Hi @yelhsa,

Thanks for such a wonderful comment! Reading comments like this is my favourite thing! Haha!

I know it is a cliche, but whenever I question things, reading that someone has really enjoyed the world of my creation spurs me on like nothing else. I don’t know what it says about me, to have such an affinity with these green fellows, but I aim to create an engaging, fun game that snags at the reader’s imagination. And, if their orcs climbs the heights of greatness, a dab of pathos here and there too:D

Yes, the dragon scale can be a mixed blessing. Dragons, in this world, are not ones to share power. It is not that they are evil, but a dragon-orc mix will seek to stand above its mundane kin. All the crop flavourings match different types of culture/government. Though your dragon-orc successor may indeed be a tyrant, this is not to say he wont be a benevolent tyrant, once his competitors are… dealt with.

Thanks for adventuring out on this green journey!



Three cheers for the children of Krog!


Unexpected indeed. Lore, Worldbuilding, Important Choices, Combat, Diplomacy, Religion, and WAAAGHHHHH. 10/10 will come back to play again. Only wish is maybe add a darkmode, my eyes are dead from staring at a white screen for like 6 hours straight


I was reading this the other day and was waiting for a update, now look what we have here looks like krog answered my prayers

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Hi Coal,

Glad to have you back. The current update is still the one from the end of October. The new one should be out before the end of this month, or at the start of December, depending on time.


Thanks for the great comments. There’s still a bit more to come, though the project is definitely heading, slowly, towards completion.

I will absolutely add a dark mode. I prefer that too, though it will not be in the next update. Perhaps the one after that. But the finished game will have it!!


Hip Hip HoooWAAAAGH!


Is there a way for orcs to learn to ride horses and take them anywhere in the world aside from boars, because it is steriotypical for orcs to only ride boars


You would need a very strong horse.

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Warhorses? The Lost Heir Trilogy has them…

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Hi Patrick,

Good question. In this world, orcs ride boars for practical reasons. The area known as The Plains, where most orcs live, has plenty of Plains Boars to tame, a species bred to be larger and fiercer than anything in our world. Horses are found in the west of Arbit and not in orc lands, at least in large numbers. So orcs grow up with legends of boar riders and would see horses as a mark of humans and, as such, rather un-orcly.

Boars are less fragile and respond better to the rather blunt orc training methods than horses. Also, boars have tusks, like orcs, which earns them mutual respect. Krog likes them too.

Another point to consider is that horses will not run straight into a bristling array of spears. The greatest orc trainers can train boars to do exactly this. A boar stampede can smash through wooden barricades and buildings, and even flimsy stone shacks, giving orcs the ferocious edge that they crave. Once the boar charge has gotten stuck in though, it is much harder to withdraw than it is for horses.

However, some of the few orcs that live in the Empire will surely ride horses. Generally, they would be war or draft horses. Skilled orc riders can tame and learn to break in most ridable animals, though their temperament turns many of the more discretionary species against them.


What about Bears, they are stronger than boars, I am sure they might handle blunt orc training better. And don’t orcs have mammoths

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Bear-riding orcs…hmmm write that down, WRITE THAT DOWN!


Maybe the polar orc tribes ride bears! I mean, that is definitely a thing they’d like to do. Although, I can see the training process turning very violent.

However, I think your suggestions of mammoths is even more fitting, since they have tusks too (and thusly, Krog would like them!). Perhaps those polar tribes might have a few. Perhaps even elephants?

Rhinos and hippos might be a valid option? (Hippos are very ferocious and rhinos are like tanks.)

I imagine archipelago orcs riding walruses.


Is there a reason they couldn’t have some garden-grown mounts?

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That’s an interesting idea. If we’re talking about creating new species, well that’s down to the gods.

However, if orcs develop an entwined understanding of magic and science/botany, perhaps in the future that could conjure something up. Perhaps a highly clever and pious shaman might be able to do such a thing…

(+1 idea for the late game shaman path- thanks @LiliArch !)


Liked the game except for the evil route. Maybe I’m missing something but it seems to recommend specialization in bold letters and then proceeds to give you tasks that are only possible if you didnt specialize, requiring checks from all 3 powers. Would rather game hints didnt soft lock ne

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Hi Moses,

Glad you liked the majority of your play-through.

The advice given is to specialise, but have a backup too. The exact quote is:

Grow your powers. I advise specialisation. Though, make sure you develop a backup power, to fortify your strength.

The ‘game hints’ tell you exactly what you should do. If you spread your powers evenly, you would fail. It is a fine balance and I didn’t intend a soft lock there. I may only provide a save at the start of the dark path, this way, if you fail, you can just hop back to the start of your dark journey.

You should have one major power and one minor power. Forget about the other one. You will not be able to pass all challenges- this is expected. Play to your strengths. You start out weak and have to gradually build corruption.

Once you reach a certain level, all your powers will grow. Hope this helps or, at least, clears it up a bit.